Sunday, February 12, 2017 7:50pm-12:50pm

Dear All:

I will update you from yesterday and then move on with today. BTW: I will write a separate “HOWDY” each day and then publish them one at a time next Saturday. If I try to combine too many pictures it may take too long. Well: Jean Claude called me yesterday around 5:30 and said we would leave in an hour or so. Was mostly packed but had to feverishly do a few things. We pulled out of the hotel precisely at 7 and the back door of the fan flew pen. Nothing fell out and we were able to secure it. We stopped at a petrol station to get supper and was it ever good! An ice cream bar (like an Eskimo Pie), an ice cream drumstick, a Fanta and some Cashews. What more can you want out of life? We made the best time ever to Kumba and arrived at 10pm. That included three stops by the Police where we showed our passports. No problems at all. Went to our rooms and they had turned on the A/C and the hotel is very nice. I unpacked, took a shower and was in bed by 12:20am.

Woke up at 7:00 after sleeping like a baby as we were scheduled to depart at 8:15. Oh, you have seen those commercials for a Sleep Number Bed where the softest would be a 1 and the hardest a 100. My mattress is about 124 but that is fine because I pay no attention to such matters. I just lay down and go to sleep. We all took machines down for Don and I to get a taxi to Kake II (where Don was preaching) and Small Ekombe where I was. Jean Claude and Louise were able to trek (walk) to church. I dumped Don which was only a 10-minute journey and then traveled on to Small Ekombe. They have a PA system and they need that as much as Teresa Blaisdell needs another hole in her head! If you know Teresa, you are aware that she already holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the “most holes in a head”! Have I ever told you what a fine young woman she is? Well, I can’t really say ‘young’ but she is a fine ‘elderly lady’! At any rate; I taught Bible class and preached. Attendance was 94 and the entire worship service was a blessing. Below is a picture of the congregation. They put me in a taxi, much to my chagrin, on the way back and spent 5 minutes at a checkpoint. I think the driver’s papers may not have been in order but I am not positive. I got back to the hotel with no problems and Louise was here. Don came a short time later and Jean Claude came several hours later as he had a meeting at the Kumba Town Church of Christ. Don, Louise and myself had lunch and it was very nice. I then came back upstairs and got to work. One of the things I did was prepare for our journey to the Kumba Orphanage. Dinah is the dear sister that runs this out of her house with 40 children! I have a cool story to tell: I mention Charlie Brown often. He is 8 years old and Linda has babysat him since he was 6 weeks old. My children frequently remind me that he is not my true grandchild but we treat him as one. I had told him in the past about the poor children of Cameroon. On his own he took some money that had been given to him for Christmas and bought 4 toys that he wanted to give to the children of Cameroon. They were so happy. I also gave them his picture and two other Americans had given money for the orphanage so they were all very happy. Came back around 6:00 pm and am preparing for tomorrow.

Miscellaneous Items:

  1. Small Ekombe has a timekeeper as many congregations do. In most cases, they will have the following signs: 1) 15 minutes 2) 10 minutes 3) 5 minutes 4) STOP. Here the timekeeper just waved his hand to let me know I had better sit down!
  2. It is fascinating to watch brethren on both the French and English sides reading the Bible from a Smart Phone.
  3. After worship as I was trying to get a ride back and I mentioned to the preacher that I like February over June because I prefer dust to mud. He said he prefers mud. You can’t see if from the picture below but there is a car in front of us and he is kicking up all of that dust.
  4. Oh, both hotels (Douala and Kumba) do not use keys but have ‘credit card’ types cards to open. Technology is on the move!
  5. I pay a lot of attention to the news and with no internet it will be interesting to see what America looks like next Saturday!

We do not know what tomorrow holds regarding attendance but we are ready. I know you are praying and am thankful. We are all well.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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