Saturday, February 11, 2017 5:00pm-10:00am CST

Dear All:

You may wonder about my current situation. Well, so do I! The probability is that we will load at 4:30 in the morning and the very thought of that makes me yawn. We want to be in Kumba by 8 so we can be on time to church. What is fascinating is that we will probably beat some of the brethren who live nearby the church hall. It is still possible that we will leave within the next 2 or 3 hours which would be fine with us.

Not a lot to write about but slept till 10:15 this morning and that is only because my alarm went off at that time. After I got ready Don and Louise came down and I gave them the ‘picture’ of the day which was, as you can see above, very blurry! Jean Claude came and we got into a taxi which was not enjoyable in the least. Did have a good lunch and then went to a store to buy somethings for next week. There are not a lot of food choices in Kumba plus the stores will definitely be closed tomorrow and possibly on Monday and Tuesday. We have purchased enough drinking water to take care of our needs. Jean Claude has gone back home as he will grab the vehicle that will take us to Kumba if we go tonight.

You understand the concept of having your breath taken away? It is like each and every time I see the gorgeousity of my wife, my breath is taken away. BTW: there must be something wrong with my spellchecker because it is ‘flagging’ gorgeousity as not being a real word. Whoever put this spellchecker together has never seen Linda! At any rate; this afternoon Don and I climbed machines to go to town in hunt of some Coke Zero. We went to one store and none were to be found; we went to a second and they only had 2 so I decided to march on without them; two other stores had none and two stores were closed. We walked back to the store with the two and bought them. Then on the way home we had one last hope and that store had what we needed. Don’t worry; I am going to tie the ‘breathtaking’ thought in just a minute. You must remember I am a preacher so I say much to actually say little. To sat I was hot when I got back was the understatement of the year. I hopped into the shower and used the coldest of water and it was sooooooooooooo nice. It definitely took my breath away and it felt soooooooo good!!! A hot shower would only have contributed to my heatedness.

I hope I have not shown you the picture on the left below although that is possible. I took it on Thursday to show the ladies class. The picture on the right is of the ladies making the presentation to us that I wrote about yesterday. Don wants to get ice cream tonight so when Jean Claude comes back we will go and have some. I really don’t want to but I am trying to continue my example of being a loving big brother.

I think I can say with assurance that you will not hear from me again until next Saturday. Thank you for your prayers and ask the Lord to see to it that the strike has a minimal impact on the seminar. Also, continue to pray for Denis.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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