February 10, 2017 10:05pm-3:05pm CST

Dear All:

Well, we have reached the half-way point provided we can begin on Monday. Things are still up in the air but our plan is to travel to Kumba tomorrow around 5pm putting us in there at 9. Jean Claude will call me in the morning and let me know the final decision. Let us go back to the beginning to see how the day went. Morning was normal and another good night’s rest. Once my head hits that pillow I am unconscious until my alarm goes off. While I am thinking about it; the overall attendance was the best we have ever had: averaged 33 men in the morning which was the same as last year; averaged 33 women compared to 24 last year and 67 in the afternoon class compared with 44 in 2016. We pray that the brethren which represent these numbers will go back as more Christ like members. Our prayer is that as they grow in their discipleship, service, holiness and walk with the Lord: the church will grow. I am also very pleased with Louise and the GREAT job she did. This is one hard working young Christian (well, young may be a stretch as I don’t think 77 is young). This morning I climbed a machine and came to the hotel to pick the evaluation forms from Louise so I could begin sorting them. Since I was already here figgered that I might as well get some Coke Zero. Finished Don’s class (he did a GREAT job) and he and I headed back to the hotel. We grabbed Louise, figuratively speaking, and went to our favorite restaurant. Enjoyed our meal and still made it back to the hotel by 2. Left again at 2:30 for the hall. I don’t know if I was working exceptionally hard in my teaching this afternoon but I sweated a lot more than usual. I enjoy both teaching and responding to questions and comments. There are still a good number of brethren who are very dogmatic in their views and it is good to reason the Scriptures with them. After my class the sisters came in and gave gifts to the 3 of us plus our spooses. I then spent time with the 10 brethren from the North. I gave them their transport money back and some extra for food. They specifically asked me to say THANK YOU to the brethren in America who helped sponsor them. This expenditure alone is over $1,200 but it is allowing us to spread the word in the North. The churches are small and scattered and these brethren were so happy. Tomorrow they will begin their journey back which will consist of a 4-hour bus ride followed by a 14-hour train ride followed by a 4-hour bus ride. For some there will be an additional 3-4 hours of bus travel. I admire them so much and love to see them each year. They are pictured below. We then got machines back and you can see Martin and Louise. She is a real pro riding machines as all people must learn to be in this country unless they enjoy being tied up in traffic. Got back and took a nice shower and Don came in and worked on my computer. Later Louise came in and worked on the computer (I think I should charge rent) and we had a good discussion about the weekend.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. We all have periods of smiling. Every time I see my beautiful wife (or even think of her) I smile. When I think of my grandkids I smile (even my kids but to a much lesser degree). I know I have told you this before and I apologize if you are getting tired of it but I find myself smiling and smiling and smiling each time I am on a machine and watching them navigate.
  2. Crossing the street at the hotel can be fascinating. More times than not there are breaks in the traffic but sometimes you simply have to walk out a bit and let a car or machine pass within inches and then move a little more with the same thing happening. The reality, is that you always get across with no problems and a sense of accomplishment!
  3. Jean Claude’s congregation has a marker board and unfortunately a brother used a permanent marker yesterday. Well, it wasn’t exactly permanent because they were able to get it off with Kerosene.


Here are some quotes from the evaluation sheets:

  1. I especially recommend the seminars because it has changed my understanding.
  2. The seminar is useful for the growth of the church in Cameroon.
  3. I pray that God give you the grace to continue coming with such rich lessons. It will enable us to impact the life of others and boost our faith.
  4. The seminar has produced a level of transformation in the life of many leaders within the church in Cameroon.
  5. God bless your efforts as you attempt to aid the growth of the church in this country.
  6. These seminars have been an excellent help in building up our Christian lives.
  7. Growth is a continual and gradual process but the seminar is helping that mission.
  8. The seminar is useful because those who attend are being enlightened and ignorance is being shifted to the corner.
  9. The material is well and carefully designed and the leaders can easily teach it to our members.


I will Skype with Charlie Brown, Grandma and three other littles kids in an hour or so. Tonight, Linda will corral an 11-year-old; 10-year-old and 8-year-old. Glad I am in Cameroon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please pray that all goes well tomorrow. In all probability, this will be my last HOWDY until Saturday, the 18th. I will write each day and send it all on that day. We are doing well and thank you for your prayers.


In Christ,
Jim Corner


2 Responses to HOWDY

  1. heidi says:

    I do not believe Don is there as I have seen no picture of him. Our best to all of you. Praying for all too.

  2. Doyle says:

    Jim, when you have time, even after the trip, could you identify the ones who came from the north provinces? – Doyle

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