February 9, 2017 9:50pm-2:50pm CST

Dear All:

Hectic but good day. I have much to write about. Guess I will start at the beginning: Got up at my regular 7:15 and went down to Louise’s room @ 8:30 where she is teaching to greet the sisters that had arrived early. Bangoss and Julien were waiting on us for our usual drive. It is nice having these two good brothers to ferry us around. Always enjoy seeing the brethren and at about 9:50 Don had his first break and I went to the sister’s class at the hotel. Two primary reasons: 1) to handout the evaluation sheets that they will do and 2) buy them a Coke or some other soft drink. They like to tell the men that Brother Jim bought them a Coke and the brothers don’t like it all that much. My kind retort to the men is: tough luck! Don and I have three other brothers and Don is the youngest. He has always bragged that I was a terrific big brother and always took care of him. BTW: you can take my word for that. You do not need to speak to him for confirmation. Being the good big brother I am I knew he would want me to have a refreshing beverage so I stopped in my room for a Coke Zero. Took pictures of the girls and then headed back. Don’s class was only a minute or two over as the brothers had more questions that Don had time for. It is encouraging to see the desire they have to know and follow the Word. Don and I came back to the hotel and ate lunch with Louise in my room. I swapped out a Salisbury Steak dinner for some Ravioli. Not a bad deal since I was able to add tuna, sausage and corn. Visited for about an hour with Don and then we got ready to head back. The class got back in their groups and finished around 3:30. We had Group #4 present as we finished Service. Their assignment was to deal with the following: 1) Name some practical ways that the Lordship of Jesus is seen in the life of the leader. 2) In your culture, how difficult will it be to develop “servant leaders”? 3) Is it easy to be a servant as Jesus was? Explain your answer. Groups 5 & 6 also dealt with the same questions and here are some of the answers:

Group 4: a. The first one made me laugh as they said that the leader must not be a porcupine leader. I had to get clarification from Jean Claude and the idea is that you cannot get close to a porcupine and if you are going to lead as Jesus did; you have to be close to the brethren.

  1. You must follow the humble example of the Lord. If you try to be a master you are not following His example.

c. Have a compassionate mind.

Group 5: a. Difficult because there are too many who want to be dictators.

b. Difficult because too many are influenced by the world.

c. Difficult because there is jealousy among leaders and they do not want a rival.

Group 6 a. No; it will require that we have the mind of Jesus.

b. No; it will require that we are led by the Spirit of God.

c. No; too many leaders do not have their eyes on the Lord.

I have been very pleased with the way the groups have thought and presented both positive and negatives about developing Christ like leadership skills. At the first

break we had a photographer come and snap the group. We did this last year and presented each attendant with a copy and they were so happy. Below left you can see the group. Also, I have Gisele and Mary flanking Louise. Gisele has been the primary translator for Louise but both are of a great help. After my class made it back to the hotel with no problems. Have been doing normal stuff getting ready for the last day. Jean Claude came with material that we will carry with us to Kumba on Saturday.

Miscellaneous stuff;

  1. Please pray for Ross and Barbara Hollingsworth. They are members at Buckingham Road where I worship and are true pillars and spiritual giants of the church. They are both struggling with physical problems. I put their name on the board today which GUARANTEES a ton of prayers!
  2. Louise gave me a copy of the calendar of work the sisters are going to do over the next 5 months. Very aggressive and impressive. These sisters are so special and work hard in the Kingdom.
  3. Update on Strike: this week they are striking on Friday and Monday. The idea is that they want to impede “Youth Day” which is on Saturday. This is primarily when the youth march and it is like a large parade. Jean Claude has been informed that some of our brethren traveled to Kumba today so Jean Claude thinks we will have the seminar on Monday. We cannot take transportation but Louise will have her class in the hotel as here and the church hall is only ½ a mile from the hotel so Don and I can walk.
  4. Speaking of that; Don and Louise like to exercise their legs by climbing the stairs at the hotel. I like to exercise my right index finger by pushing the number on the lifter. All of us are happy and I told Don that if it would give him pleasure; he could carry me piggy-back on Monday to the hall. Oh, my 3 brothers all like to hike and get sweaty. I am the only sane one in the bunch!

In about 45 minutes I will Skype with Charlie Brown and Grandma. It is such a joy to be able to see them every day. We are all doing well and thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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