February 6, 2017 11:30pm-4:30pm CST

Dear All:

Numbers certainly do not prove anything but they do help quantify to some extent. The first day was good with 28 men vs 25 last year; 34 women vs 19 last year and 59 in the afternoon session vs 35 last year. Don, Louise and I were pleased with the way our classes went. My ultimate desire is that these lessons help the brethren to become more Christ like in their leadership. As I have noted in times past; too often the leaders here parade as lords and hence, the brethren do not get the best example. Obviously, that is a general statement as we have many leaders within the church that serve as Jesus did.

Got up at 6:55 as we planned to leave at 8:15. Actually took Louise down to her room at 8:05 and it was almost set-up. Don and I climbed machines for the hall at about 8:30 and arrived with no problems. It was so good to see brethren that I had not seen for a year or even more. In the morning, we pass out paper and seminar books and pens and badges (name tags) and Don started pretty close to on time at 9:00. At around 10:30 I climbed a machine to check on Louise to make sure she had everything she needed. Man, was the A/C in that room cranked up. The lowest (coldest) setting on these units is 17 with the highest being 26. I thought it was on 7 but found out at lunch that it was actually at 20. I think it was simply that I had been in the heat for so long that it appeared colder than it was. In honor of my dear little brother, I went upstairs and took a couple of sips, er gulps, of Coke Zero. Went back to the hall and Don’s class ended a minute or two after 12. Julien and Martin brought us back and we changed and took a taxi to the restaurant. I detest taxis but cannot let Don and Louise ride because if they got lost, they would be in trouble. I was reminded once more of why I hate taxis. We got behind a big truck on a 1 ½ lane road and had to patiently move. Had a great time at lunch and got back with 45 minutes to spare until my class. Climbed machines at 2:30 and arrived with no problems. Today we began looking at discipleship and will finish it tomorrow. We climbed again to come home. This time Louise and I rode with Martin and Don with Julien. Don had failed to bring floss and didn’t think to buy any the other day so I climbed another machine (this is a good habit) and went to two stores and couldn’t find any. Louise was on my computer while I was gone and after she left I took a nice shower. They then came down to my room as we visited about the seminar and some misc stuff. Just got through Skyping with Charlie Brown and Grandma. They are well.

Miscellaneous items:

  1. I found myself smiling more than usual when I took the machine to the grocery store tonight. The traffic here is like a pretzel twisted to the 4th power. I actually have no idea what the 4th power is but I know that that would be quite a pretzel!
  2. Ashley; Don’s second of 3 daughters told her dad that at his advanced age he needed to drink Cranberry Juice. Something about keeping the plumbing going well. She works at a Nursing Home and sees a lot of patients who are Don’s age so I guess she knows what she is doing. I think that she needs to have respect for an old guy, however.

I have been asked regarding the strike and I have heard nothing. In this case I think no news is bad news. I assume if the strike had broken I would know. We are doing well and thank you for your continued prayers. Oh, please pray for James and Gloria Prater. They are members at our congregation and he has some problem where he has to have 11 liters of fluid drained fairly frequently. Gloria is running ragged taking care of James and her mom. Will try and have some pictures tomorrow.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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