Sunday, February 5, 2017 7:15pm-12:15pm CST

Dear All:

Had a superb day. Let’s get right to it. Awoke at 6:30 after another good night’s rest. Louise slept well but Don did not. He actually wore one of the shirts and trousers that he bought yesterday. They look nice and fit well. I had time to briefly get on the internet. Got ready for church and went downstairs with Don. A brother from Bonaberi named Gerald picked him and a brother named Michael, along with a brother whose name I cannot pronounce picked me. Actually, we took Gerald and Don to an intersection where we dropped them. It was a mistake to pick that place as a Policeman was there and he wanted to see our documents. I had my Passport and they both had their ID cards. The driver, however, did not have his driver’s license so I paid a bribe of 10,000 ($18.02) for us to go on our way. They had asked for 20,000 and I called Jean Claude and he said give 10,000 and they were happy. Nothing like bargaining with an officer of the law! Still made it to church 10 minutes early. I preached at Logpom which is a relatively new congregation in Douala. You can see the assembly below as we had about 22 including children. It is a small building but functional for their needs. Had an English song leader and a French one and they both did an excellent job. The English brother is named Lawson and I have known him for many years as he is from the English side and used to attend the seminars in Kumba. Really enjoyed my time with the brethren and several of them will come to the seminar this week. A brother named Jude had a machine and he brought me back to the hotel. I had forgotten to get paper plates, napkins and forks yesterday so I climbed a machine and headed for the store. Yesterday Jean Claude had told me it was open 24/7 and then stated that they closed at 11pm. Oh well, I think he got the “7” correct! Don was the last one to return and we ate in my room. I know many of you want recipe after recipe but this is the only one I will share with you: Take a Hormel Roast Beef and Potatoes microwaveable dinner (don’t microwave it) and add corn, tuna, crush up your favorite flavor of Pringles, Beenee Weenees and sausage. Thoroughly mix and serve at room temperature. Remember one of my tips from the past; heat drives out important stuff like protein, vitamins and good stuff like that.

Jean Claude came with two brothers to dump the seminar books that the sisters will use tomorrow. We went down and had a coke with them. Actually, we watched them drink as we were full from lunch. Then 4 sisters came to meet with us about the village seminars they are conducting. The goal is to train sisters in villages and supply them with the written material and a CD with kid songs on it. As they teach these sisters and as they then teach the children; our prayer is that there will be a long-term effect on the Kingdom. You can see them below. From left to right are Mary, Pauline, Louise, Glory and Gisele. These girls are doing a great job. There are two others from the French side; one is named Gladys but we gave her an excused absence as she is in the hospital after delivering her and her husband’s first child. The other is from Yaounde and will be here tomorrow. Louise plans to meet with them one more time during my afternoon class. We are strategizing on where the next seminars will be and the translation of the last book into French. I will Skype with Linda later on. Tonight is the big match and everyone in Cameroon will be watching. Starts at 8 with Cameroon versus Egypt for the Africa Cup. You should hear the noise on the street now and the game has not even begun.

Miscellaneous items:

  1. Saw a strange sight today. A Ford F-150. It is rare to see an American car with the exception of Toyotas, Honda’s, Fiat’s, Nissan’s, Opel’s, Hyundai’s, VW’s, Mercedes-Benz’s and BMW’s.
  2. I am having a problem with my A/C as it works too good. Fortunately, this one actually has 3 fan speeds and a working thermostat!
  3. In Bible class I stated (don’t remember the reason why) that I was the oldest person in the room and one sister begged to differ. I asked her how old she was (anyone who knows me is aware that I will ask anyone, including women, their age) and she said 58. Sure enough she was right as I am 51 (or is it 41)? I just know I am exactly 21 years younger than Teresa Blaisdell and look 31 years younger.
  4. I heard a fascinating statement in one of the brother’s prayers today: he said help us not to be counterfeit Christians. Good advice!
  5. My memory is of such a nature that I will be on a machine or in a church assembly and think of something to write in my blog but so many of my thoughts have wings! At any rate; yesterday we were passing an expensive hotel and Jean Claude said it was ‘badly costly’.
  6. Oh, have I ever told you what a great, fantastic, marvelous and wonderful person Teresa Blaisdell is? You can be old and still have all of those traits!

I have a bunch of stuff to prepare for regarding tomorrow. I am so excited as the first day of the seminar is such a blessing. Please continue to pray regarding the strike.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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