Friday, February 3, 2017 11:45pm-4:45pm CST

Dear All:

I will get right to the reason why I am writing so late. Don and Louise were supposed to land at 5:05pm. No one can go inside the airport so Muabe Peter (I think I wrote about him yesterday) sent a soldier named Jerry to pick us in his Gendarme truck. We knew they might be a tad late so we stopped on the way and got a coke and some candy. Well, when we arrived it showed that the plane would not arrive until 6:15 so we went and got another Coke. Also, bought Jerry supper at the airport. Well, we waited and waited and waited and they finally emerged at 8:25pm. Both of Don’s suitcases are currently missing. Hopefully they will show up tomorrow night at 10 but we are not taking any chances since he only wore a T-shirt and shorts. Don’t think the brethren would tolerate him preaching in them so we will go and buy him some britches (that pants for you young whippersnappers) and a shirt just in case they don’t come tomorrow night. We arrived at the hotel around 9 and they were both famished (that means hungry for you young whippersnappers) so we had Jean Claude order on the way. They both wanted fish and were served steak! I think the words for steak and fish in French are different but possibly not. At any rate; I ate some of Louise’s steak and it was good although it was tough as a boot.

Now; let’s retrace our other steps today. Slept well and got up at 8. Nothing out of the ordinary early but was able to read all of the lessons for Don, Louise and myself. I had initially read them before we sent them to Jean Claude for translation and their material is very good. I have a copy of the seminar book below. I think that guy who came early yesterday was simply posing as Jean Claude because today he was right on time; 30 minutes late! Louis Bassay used to be the champion late comer but I think he rubbed off on Jean Claude! Oh; I forgot something; this morning I climbed a machine to head to town. Later on, I told Jean Claude how much I love machines and he said the brethren don’t want me on them because I am old. They said that Jean Claude was forcing me and he said that he told them: “I can’t do anything with that stubborn boy”. My darling, beautiful, fantastic, smart and saintly wife would argue about that “stubborn” thing. BTW: no one needs to ask her for confirmation as I know what I am talking about! This trip on the machine was sooooooooooooooooo wonderful. Traffic was heavy so we rode on the median. Had to skirt around light poles that were in the middle and had a couple of deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep holes that we had to cross very slowly but it was a blast. This driver should win an award of some kind. We then went to lunch and it is always good. Then came back to the hotel and I did some work as Jean Claude turned on the TV. He promptly fell asleep which reminded me of my dad when I was a kid. He would be watching something and go to sleep and we would change the channel and he would wake up and tell us he was watching the other show and turn it back. He would fall asleep again and this routine repeated itself many times.

We then went to the airport and I have told you about that experience. When we got here and after we had eaten Don came to my room and we visited for a while. He was sleepy so went to bed. I just finished Skyping with Charlie Brown and Grandma and will send this, take a shower and head off to bed myself. Strike is still on so please pray that God will intervene. Thanks for your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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