Thursday, February 2, 2017 10:20pm-3:20pm

Dear All:

I am going to start off on a serious note and will then get a little lighter. I know that you are like me in that you never question the power or ability of God. What we do not know is whether or not He will exercise His power. For example, one of our elder’s wives and her sister both had cancer last year at the same time. Only the Lord knows how many prayers were uttered on their behalf and He answered by healing them. My mother, on the other hand, died from cancer at the age of 52 when I was 15. She was a godly woman and thousands of prayers were sent Heavenward for her but for reasons that only God knows; He did not heal her. Here is why I bring this up; I have told you that there is a strike on the English side of the country and it may cut the seminar in Kumba short by 2 days. It may also reduce the number of brethren who attend. No one has any idea as to when the strike will be over. It is a strike of both lawyers and teachers. The lawyers want to have the English side be independent of the French side. The government has been a single republic for over 40 years and I don’t understand all of the problems. The teachers are striking for higher wages and some other things I am not aware of. I know that God can settle this, but will He? I know that you are praying for that but will He answer as we desire? The answer, of course, is I don’t know. I do pray that you will ask the Lord to intervene so that the greatest amount of training can be done. The strike does not impact us on the French side and that seminar begins on Monday. Oh, the government has shut down all internet on the English side so if the strike continues; you will not hear from me between the 10th and 18th. You can make phone calls but that is it.

Let’s move on to what happened today. Hopefully I will have some “African” pictures soon but I like the one below. That is our oldest son Robin who turned 44 today! His wife Meleah and their children from left to right: Bart, Grace, Chris and Ethan. John is the one standing. Regarding the day; I slept well last night and got up at 9. Jean Claude was supposed to come at 11 and he gave me a heart attack by showing up at 9:30. This young man is always late (think he has some “Northington” blood in him). Our dear preacher’s wife was a Northington and being on time is not a part of their DNA! We had a number of errands to run and got right on it. We went across the street to the phone place that I get my modem from. They had to make a couple of adjustments and we were on our way. Then we went to buy stuff for the seminar such as name badges, paper, pens, markers, chalk and one or two other things. Oh, Mary (Jean Claude’s wife) came and we then went to the post office to mail some postcards. Then went to see a Cardiologist. I have a Pacemaker and I like to have a doctor that I know in Douala and my former doctor was transferred to Yaounde. Enjoyed meeting him and told him that I hope to never see him again and he completely understood. We then went to see Muabe Peter who used to preach for the Dakar Church of Christ. He entered the military and is now a commander which would equal a major in our army. It was good to see him and after a visit, he had a driver take us in a military vehicle to lunch. Muabe may have to go to Bamenda tomorrow as we were hoping that he could take me inside the airport to meet Don and Louise. There are strict rules but He can go anywhere. If he cannot go he is going to have one of his men take us and while we won’t be able to go inside, we can get close enough to see Don and Louise as they exit. Had an enjoyable meal and then Jean Claude and Mary went to visit a woman in the hospital while I came back to the hotel. I then took a machine to a grocery store to buy a few things.

We all understand the idea of taking something for granted. For example, do you remember the first time you got an icemaker? It was so cool and yet now you just get your ice and don’t even notice it. Do you remember your first garage door opener and how it was amazing that you could punch a button and the door would go up? Now you just punch it without a thought. Here is where I am heading; while there are some things you take for granted other things consistently stand out. For example, every time I gaze on my wife I see her unbelievable beauty. You would think by now that it would have faded but she is simply ‘drop dead gorgeous’. In the same way; I don’t think I will ever stop being amazed at the traffic and the sheer joy of riding a machine. Twice today we were on a road with a median separating the right from the left and we took the left (going against the traffic) because it was so much more economical where it comes to time. I love to watch us get within a ‘hairs’ distance of another vehicle or human without touching. Sometimes I want to ride a machine just to ride one.

Cameroon was playing Ghana tonight in the Africa Cup. I heard all kinds of noise for the past few hours and went down and found out that Cameroon was victorious. If you know anything about futbol (soccer) you are aware that in virtually every country in the world futbol reigns supreme. Many years ago, Cameroon won the African Cup and the next day was a national holiday with no school or businesses being open. I do not know their next match but according to one of the workers, it will be for the whole enchilada or in this country; the whole plantain. I am fixin to Skype with Charlie Brown and Grandma. Have already had a good shower. Oh, pray for Don and Louise as they are in the air on their way to Paris as I write. Looking forward to seeing them tomorrow. Oh, I found out this morning that Louise’s dad passed away last week. She is such a dedicated sister and never gave a thought to canceling her trip. One thing I have learned from my African brethren is that the Lord’s work really does come first.

Thanks for your prayers and keep Linda in prayer. She is such a good girl!

In Christ,

Jim Corner



One Response to HOWDY

  1. Janie Klein says:

    I read your Howdy today and thought back to the time you lost your mother. We don’t know why God didn’t heal her back then, but we do know that He did what was best for HIS purposes. Who knows but that her death helped direct your life’s path. God has used you to bring others to Him.

    I will be praying about the strike situation, hoping that it will cease and your seminar will be fruitful.

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