Friday, January 27, 2017 11:00am-11:00am CST

Dear All:

If I remember correctly; on my last journey in October I failed to send my pre-howdy until the day I was leaving. This time, I am ahead of the game. There are several things I want to discuss;

  1. Please pray regarding the seminar in Kumba which is scheduled to begin on February 13. For the past month and a half there has been a strike on the English side between the government and the teachers. They do ‘strike’ differently than we do as they are only striking on Monday and Tuesday. Unfortunately, the businesses and transportation are also striking. This would upend 40% of the seminar on the English side so please pray that the problem will be resolved.
  2. Please remember that I want you to write me but adhere to the following rules:
    1. No pictures or attachments
    2. No jokes
    3. No political stuff
  3. I am scheduled to depart the States next Tuesday and will start writing. I should be in my hotel in Douala on Wednesday by 1pm your time. It will take a while to get organized but I should be able to send my first Howdy so you receive it on Wednesday afternoon.
  4. I may have posted the picture below. It is of me and Rosine Nsah who is the daughter of Vincent Nsah, a dear friend and co-worker. She lives in Laurel, Maryland and the picture was taken there over a year ago.
  5. My brother, Don Corner and Louise Clement will be my co-teachers. This is Don’s 4th trip but first to teach in the seminar and Louise’ 6th journey to Cameroon. Please ask the Lord to keep us safe and healthy. Also, be praying for all of the brethren who will be traveling and ask the Lord to bless this effort. Our goal is that the seminar will have a long-lasting impact on the growth and maturation of the church.

I am thanking you in advance for all you do for this seminar.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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