Thursday, November 3, 2016 8:20am-2:20am CST

Dear All:

I will see TMBWITW in less than 72,000 seconds! I am truly blessed as Linda sacrifices so much for the Kingdom so that I can travel. I have told many people that she is the most important person in this ministry. Most wives would not tolerate me. That didn’t sound good; let me rephrase: most wives would not allow their husbands to travel as much as I do. I do not need to hear any smart aleck remarks from Jean Simmons or Teresa Blaisdell. They both have PhDs in Smart Aleck!

Phooooooeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy! I am flying with the peasants to Minneapolis and then to Dallas. Don’t these people in Paris understand who I am? Actually, I think that is the problem! I accomplished my task yesterday. As some of you know; I generally fly back with no overnight stay and when I arrive in Dallas I have been up for 44 hours without sleep. Sometimes I have arrived on a Wednesday and went to Bible class and was told after the class that I was sleeping. To alleviate that I came to Paris yesterday and stayed in a hotel. Had no desire to sightsee but I was able to get some work done and also relax. I went to bed at 5:45 yesterday afternoon and slept until 6 this morning. That was what I was hoping to do. I had packed last night so I was checking out downstairs at 6:30 and the bus picked me at 6:40. Arrived at the airport by 7:05 and had no problem in getting to the check-in counter. No line of any significance and was on my way to the gate in a few minutes. Had to go through Customs which was nothing more than showing my passport and then security. They did not ask to see my Pacemaker ID and I got through in a short time. Went to a shopping area to buy my darling a couple of gifts. She is not demanding in the least but is so good to me that I love to give her stuff. The plane is supposed to begin boarding in about an hour or so and will land in Minneapolis at 1:55 this afternoon. Have a 4-hour layover which is OK since we have to clear customs.

I don’t think I have posted the pictures below but with my memory it is entirely possible that I posted them yesterday! At any rate; on the left is Guy who translated for me at Biyem-assi 2 weeks ago. On the right is a PPT that was presented at the Nkoabang Church of Christ the evening we were there. A brother named Joscelyn went over the presentation to show what the leadership had devised as their mission for the balance of this year and 2017. Eglise du Christ de Nkoabang is Church of Christ at Nkoabang.

11:50am-6:50am CST

Will see TMBWITW in about 54,000 seconds but who’s counting. The boarding process went smooth and while I am not in Business; I have a nice bulkhead seat with plenty of legroom. Flight was scheduled to leave at 10:25 and we ‘pushed back’ at that precise time. Each seat has a personal monitor and it shows that we will land on time. Just finished another GREAT meal. Of course, saying airplane food is GREAT is like saying TMBWITW is short! We still have about 6 hours before we land in Minneapolis.

Let me share a need and it is possible I did this two weeks ago. Over the years we built 4 church buildings in Cameroon but became convinced that was not the wisest thing to do. The brethren looked at the building as OUR building with the subsequent responsibilities. Therefore, many years ago we started providing zinc for roofs. We pay for no labor nor anything else to do with the roof. This ultimately means that the local church is roughly 90% vested financially. I am sure I mentioned the need of a roof for the Nkoabang Church of Christ but not sure if I actually made a plea. They build differently than we do in that they lay no foundation. They put up the walls and then roof it to keep the rain out. They will then keep the floor dirt or with time and money they will put in cement. This church has used all of their funds to put up the walls but now need help with the zinc. If you would be interested in helping, please contact me.

3:20pm-3:20pm CST

I will see TMBWITW in about 25,000 seconds so I am making good progress! The balance of the flight from Paris was smooth. I visited extensively with my seat mate which was a guy named Craig. I gave him my WBS card and invited him or anyone he knows to contact me. I had a nice “thing” of ice cream on the plane and we landed about 10 minutes early. Going through Customs has changed in the past few years. Before you had to fill out a form but now there are machines where you enter your Passport and answer some questions on the screen. Oh; it took about 20 minutes to get through because there was another plane full of people coming in at the same time we were. Got my bag with no problems and have transferred it to DFW. It is still well over 2 hours before we take off. Our son Michael is going to pick me at the airport. I just spoke with Linda and she is picking Charlie Brown. I will Skype with them on my phone in 30 minutes or so.

I may or may not add something tomorrow before I send this but I need to say this: THANK YOU SO MUCH for your concern regarding this ministry and this trip. It would be fascinating to know how many thousands of prayers have been uttered over the past 3+ weeks. We understand that all prayers are answered but not always in accordance with OUR will. We pray for sick people and they do not always get well. We pray for someone to obtain a job quickly and their time of unemployment lingers on. We pray that a couple who are having marital problems will begin to put Jesus first in their lives and that does not always happen. Regarding this trip: I know you were praying as I was for: 1) Receptive hearts 2) Encouragement for our brethren 3) Safe travel 4) Good health 5) Healthy food and more. The Lord answered each prayer in the affirmative. I can truly say that there were no problems of any consequence from beginning to end. We give God all of the praise but I also extend THANKS to my faithful brothers and sisters on this side of the world. When I make reports to the churches that support this work financially I never am able to fully convey the depth of my gratitude and the same is true with you. As far as humans are concerned; my GREATEST thanks is to Linda. She is an incredible blessing to the Kingdom, this ministry, me and our children/grandchildren. She is absolutely the BEST!

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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