Sunday, October 30, 2016 11:20pm-5:20pm CST

Dear All:

I do not want to be redundant so I will be repetitive instead! The worship this morning was FANTASTIC! Let me go back and start at the beginning:

Awoke at 7:15 (talk about redundant or repetitive); had another good night’s rest. It rained during the night but don’t know how much because I was sleeping. Checked the internet this morning and got dressed for church. I have a very nice African outfit that was given to me 2 years ago by the brethren from the North. These are 10 brothers and sisters who travel far each February to attend the seminar. It has a pair of pants and a top that goes to the floor. It is a very nice purple and I took it home one time and wore it to church. Some of my brethren are not very nice to me as they said: “well, I see you wore your pajamas to church.” I know how to get to the hall by myself so I went out to climb a machine. That is when I knew it had rained. It was still sprinkling but very, very lightly. I was able to quickly find a machine with an umbrella mounted and we made it to the hall by 8:30. Had 30 minutes to kill and spent much of it with some little kids that I speak about below. The Bible class was very good and “hi-tech” has hit Cameroon. The teacher this morning is a brother I have known for many years by the name of Herman. You can see him below with his laptop. Why use paper for notes when you can use a screen. This may be an oversimplification but in the States, we have two kinds of songs in our worship: hymns and “teen songs”. I know at my church we try to use a mix of both. This congregation is bi-lingual so some songs are from a French song book; others from English hymnals and others called choruses. The song leader this morning was a young man named Franklin and he is a GREAT song leader! It began raining during the worship but our singing drown out the rain! It was so good to visit with many brethren who I have known for years and years. After the worship, I met with 4 of the women who teach children seminars. They are doing a GREAT job. Martin carried me home on his machine and it was raining small. He had an umbrella on his machine which was good and bad. Good that he had one but bad in that it needs a roofer! Once I got back I started working and later had linner. Did some correspondence and I began writing my trip report. Tomorrow I will go with Jean Claude to have his X-ray done on his back.

OK; I have not done this yet so it is time for me to enumerate a number of things that you need to be thankful for. My guess is that for the most part; you never specifically state your thanks to the Lord for them.

  1. Running water
  2. Electricity
  3. Any type of food you enjoy. When we go to places like Yokaduma the choices are very slim.
  4. Hi-speed internet that is always connected. I will say this: I now have 3G (whatever that means) so my connections are pretty fast. It appears that by February I will be able to upgrade to 4G if the Lord allows me to return.
  5. Good lighting.
  6. Enclosed showers. Even though I am in a very nice hotel; the water simply goes down on the floor of the bathroom.
  7. Toilet seats – actually, this is not that big of a deal because they are not that necessary.
  8. Asphalt or concrete roads

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. The picture on the left is of some kids that hung out with me before Bible class. They were enamored with me because:
    1. I can whistle when I put my two hands together. Sounds like a train. I showed them how to do it and they tried but it will take much more practice. My darling wife worked with me for 6 months before I had it down.
    2. My “old man hands”. First, I have Dupuytrens. It is a hand deformity that can lead to fingers being put in a bent condition. An interesting fact is that only people with Nordic blood have this. There is no pain but it looks funny to a child. Second, they are always amazed at the veins on my hands. They like to feel and push on them.
    3. I taught them how to cross their eyes. This is becoming a ministry of mine to the children of Cameroon. Once again; many years ago, my beautiful wife told me that everyone should be able to cross their eyes so she taught me how. She can even have one eye crossed and the other eye straight! I have a truly talented spouse!
  2. I can only imagine (the operative word is imagine) what it is like during the height of the rainy season which is July and August. In a town with only dirt (mud) roads; it can be quite treacherous and difficult. Sometimes you can only trek (walk) if you want to get from point A to point B. There will be weeks where no cars or buses can pass. I mentioned in an earlier missive that rain effects attendance and if you could see the conditions that many of our brethren live in; you would understand.
  3. Emotion plays a big part in the religious beliefs of many. We see person after person reject the plain teachings of the gospel because of feelings that what they have heard and believe are true. It is both amazing and sad to witness the power of the devil in the lives of so many. The basic teachings of how one becomes a child of God and what they must do to live a faithful life are not “rocket science”. You don’t need a university degree or competency in Greek to understand what the Lord desires.
  4. I spoke with a brother this morning after worship regarding the train accident. He said 600 were killed but I don’t know where he got his figure. He, like every other Cameroonian I have spoken to, says the government is hiding the truth.

Spoke briefly with Linda but she had no time to Skype as she had stuff to do at church. She was fixin to pick-up Charlie Brown. Please continue to pray for Jean Claude.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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