Wednesday, October 26, 2016 9:10pm-3:10pm CST

Dear All:

If I were to ask you if you had a good day; what would your response be? Would it be based on outward circumstances or that you are in the family of God? Do not misunderstand me: I am not saying nor do I believe that a Christian should not grieve at the death of a loved one or have concern over a serious health problem or be upset because they lost their job. I love Psalm 103:14 where we read that God remembers that we are dust. I am not sure how you read that but it says to me that the Lord is very patient and kind to us even when we show a lack of faith. I would argue that we all want to appear as “super Christian” so we will outwardly act as though a serious problem is not. For example, I have never had Cancer but my guess is that if I was diagnosed with it; I would be frightened. Maybe that is a lack of faith (I certainly do not believe I have great faith) or maybe it is showing my humanity.

Why would I begin a blog about Cameroon with that paragraph? Well, we had a great day today but that is because of what the Lord did and not because we are “Super Christians” or that we abound in unlimited faith. As you know; whether you are talking about a campaign or your personal evangelism; the success or failure is not based on “results” but on the sharing of the Word of God. I have no idea as to how God converts. My favorite preacher of all-time was Richard Rogers. Once in a sermon he was speaking of Matthew 10 where Jesus said he came to divide families. As we know; the mission of Jesus was not division but He understood that when the gospel was preached; some would obey and most would reject. Richard asked the question: “why did I accept Jesus?” He proceeded to ask such things as: “was it my intelligence” or “was it my insightfulness” or “was it my spirituality?” I really liked his answer because he said: I don’t know. He contrasted two brothers raised by the same parents with everything apparently being equal and one accepts and one rejects. Can I say I am superior to those who say no? I think not! We are simply pleased that we were able to share the gospel with 10 precious souls today and 5 gave their lives to the Lord.

The day began at 7:15. I truly praise God for the good sleep he is giving me. I was able to get my normal stuff done before Martin came to pick me at 8:45. We were working in Kombe today which is a village about an hour from Bonaberi. Martin took me to a place in Bonaberi where Jean Claude was waiting for me. He and I got in a taxi and went to Kombe. The church was waiting for us as we worshipped before we started teaching prospects. The church had done their homework and as you saw above; we were flush with those who wanted to study. You can see the church hall on the right below. On the left are three among those I taught that are now your brother and sisters. The brother in the yellow shirt is the preacher and his name is Nicholas. Beginning from left to right are Cynthia, Bernadette and Pius. I pray that they and the two others will remain faithful. We then got a car back to Bonaberi where Martin picked me and took me to the hotel. Mary’s surgery went well today and Jean Claude went to see her. She will spend the night and probably go home tomorrow. Cameroonians are no more loving of the Lord than Americans but it is expressed in some different ways. The idea that Jean Claude was not at the hospital for his wife’s surgery may sound strange to an American but he was doing the Lord’s will in Kombe. His oldest sister was with Mary and she was taken care of. I ate supper in my room and is was very nice. As I have told you before; it you demand a great deal of variety in your daily diet; this is not the place for you. I had rice and fries today for the 10th straight time (or something like that). Wait; I did have Spaghetti twice over the last 2 weeks. Trying to reel in all the carbs I can! Tonight, I have been working on the campaign for next October. February and June are set as far as dates; what we will do and where we will go. I was unable to see Charlie Brown yesterday because he had some dental work done and his mother took off from work to be with him. I plan to Skype with them as soon as I finish this. Please pray for Jean Claude as his back is paining him. Tomorrow we work in Kake.

Miscellaneous stuff:

  1. I mentioned the other day that I smile a lot on machines. Well, today you could have seen all of my teeth. I absolutely love to ride on a machine during rush hour. Now, you may say that you have driven in “bumper to bumper” rush hour traffic and I would not disagree. I realize the travel can be very slow on LBJ or parts of George Bush during the peak times. However, you are still in a non-chaotic situation. Today we weaved in and around vehicles; took the sidewalk a couple of times and even went some places that defy description. For those of you who have been to Cameroon or another 3rd world country; you know what I am talking about.
  2. It is wonderful to watch prospects write down all of the verses that we cover in a study.
  3. The internet does not show any updates regarding fatalities or injuries from the train accident.

I will never be able to adequately convey my deep thanks for all that you do regarding the campaign.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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