Tuesday, October 25, 2016 6:10pm-12:10pm CST

Dear All:

I AM AMAZED!!! I will go into my amazement in a few minutes. Here is how the day has gone so far. Got up at 5 with the goal of heading down the stairs at 5:45 with the goal of being in the taxi at 6 and we achieved both goals. Traffic was light this morning so we were at the airport by 6:35. Our initial booking was for a flight that leaves at 12:45pm but the girl told us that if we got there by 7; she was confident that we would make the 8:45am flight and she was correct. We went to the office of Cam-Air and the girl gave us the new ticket. Then we went to weigh our bags. Then we went to the counter to get our boarding passes. The girl weighed them again and I was slightly overweight so Jean Claude had to go somewhere to pay the 6,000. Don’t get excited as that is $10.91. We then went inside where they went through our carry-on stuff. Then we went to a “holding area” where we waited for about 45 minutes. Then we went to the gate and showed the guy our boarding pass and passport. Waited there for about 20 minutes and then we climbed on the plane. The flight is only 30 minutes from take-off to landing and it was without incident. Now I am going to get to the AMAZING part. We deplaned and since we were traveling domestic; we did not have to go through customs. When we got to the baggage area our bags were waiting for us! Usually, it takes 20 minutes or so to clear Customs and then you wait as much as 30 minutes to get your bags. I could not believe how easy it went. No one checked us on the way out and we were in a taxi in no time. Made good time to the airport as the traffic was OK. Once Jean Claude dumped me I was on my own but I know this part of Douala well and can navigate on a machine with no problems. I got unpacked and then climbed a machine to a grocery store. I love riding machines!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so nice to be able to go around traffic and move in ways that an American would cringe at. Once you have ridden as much as I have you have no worries because these guys have a great track record. Coming back, I had a 6-pack of water in one hand and a sack of groceries in the other and was enjoying myself immensely. I then did some work and went out to get something to eat. I wanted to go to the restaurant we frequent but wanted to get take-out. I climbed another machine (I try to find excuses to ride as much as possible) and once I got there I called Jean Claude so he could give my order to the girl. I decided to be on my best behavior and please my darling wife with a healthy lunch so I had a hamburger, fries and a Ham & Sausage Pizza. I was able to negate many of the calories because I chased the food down with a Coke Zero. I have not seen any Coke Light on this trip so I guess Coke Zero has taken over. To me they are the same so either is excellent. I did walk across the street to a small grocery store to buy some water. My lovely wife would have been so pleased to cross the street with me. She has only been to Cameroon twice but always loved to dodge traffic as you move from one side of the road to the other. I wish I had some video to show you as it would be a great recruitment tool to lure many to this wonderful country. I will wait until 3:30 your time to Skype with Linda as I was unable to see Charlie Brown yesterday and I miss that little kid. My children say I love him more than my REAL grandkids (they always use the word REAL) but they are dead wrong. I miss Ethan, Will, Bart, Junior, John, Alex, Cy, Chris, KB and Grace sooooo much! I have decided to rest tonight and watch some videos. The next 3 day will be non-stop work for which I am thankful. I go to Kombe tomorrow. We will have worship with the church at 10am and then teach prospects. Please pray for a fruitful day.

Miscellaneous stuff:

  1. You are aware that in the States there are times when you are going somewhere and there is an accident or something else that backs up traffic and you go an alternate way. They do the same thing here and the term they use is: dodging traffic.
  2. I took no pictures today but the one on the left below is of Jean Claude teaching Mary yesterday.
  3. The picture on the right is of the Nkoabang building that I wrote about yesterday.
  4. My A/C has a thermostat so I can control how cold the air is and how fast the fan moves.
  5. I also have a nice fridge. Not very big but big enough to handle my stuff. The room is also lighted very well.
  6. When I was at the store earlier I noticed “Plain M&Ms”. Usually they have just peanut M&Ms. Since I am ambidextrous I can eat either one but I prefer the plain. Had not seen any for a long time so I got a stash.
  7. Please pray that on Thursday I do not start packing. You see, since I arrived in the country we have packed and moved 6 times! Lord willing, I will be here until I leave to come home next Tuesday.
  8. There are no new updates that I could find on the internet regarding the train wreck. Please continue to pray for all who were involed.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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