Sunday, October 23, 2016 9:00pm-2:00pm CST

Dear All:

Sometimes there are things you must say while you are thinking about them. Last night I did something that I have NEVER done in my life in Cameroon. Now, there have been times where I slept thru the night with no A/C because the power was off and there have even been one or two times that I used the A/C some and turned it off at other times during the night. Last night I turned my A/C off when I went to bed and NEVER turned it back on. You have to understand something when I said this room was cold. My wife is the GREATEST wife in the history of wives but let me tell you; there have been times when it was 60 and she said it was cold. When I say, it was cold in that room I am talking about Alaska in the dead of winter. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration but only a slight one! I have an adjoining parlor to the bedroom and my parlor is plenty cool. OK; enough of that.

When you teach the gospel to someone you never know for sure, how they will respond. Sometimes your ‘gut feeling’ proves to be entirely wrong. I certainly pray that that is true with the studies I had today. I taught 3 prospects and early on in the study I felt as though they would give their lives to the Lord. As we got further into the study and specifically taught about baptism it derailed them. When I think of derail I think of the train the other day but realize that if those who died were in the Lord, they are blessed. We read such in Revelation 14:13. These young men were 21 (Hans), 23 (Franklin) and 25 (Henry). They have accepted the false teaching of sprinkling as a mode of baptism to the point that they agreed that the Scriptures teach immersion but they still refused to follow the Lord. I am always very careful to stay away from any opinions that I have and focus only on what the Lord has said. I never cease to be amazed at how well the devil has indoctrinated people to the point where the plain teachings of the gospel are not plain to them. Jean Claude also taught 3 while I taught. My experience is that if you try and teach someone who has been immersed with someone who has not; confusion usually rules. We separated the prospects and Guy translated for me. He is pictured below with me. He also translated my sermon. He works for the government and will soon leave for London where he will live. He will work in the Cameroonian Embassy in that country. He did a superb job!

Now for the day: got up at 7 to prepare to depart at 8:45. I had done much of the “morning stuff” last night. For example, I shaved last night and did my weekly brushing of my teeth. I am very aware of the need for healthy teeth so I dutifully brush each Saturday. Richard Blaisdell says that his darling bride does it once a month and I can believe it for reasons I will not state. I went over my lessons before I left and we arrived right at 9. The singing started within a couple of minutes and I then taught the Bible class. My aim was to help the brethren learn to think for themselves and to spend time in the Word rather than allow a preacher or parent or someone else to tell them what is right and what is wrong. I used I Cor 16:1-4 as a tool for this class. I was raised that that is a passage that says that each congregation in the world is to have a weekly contribution. If you read the text, however, the contribution was for a specific benevolent need and the money had nothing to do with the work of the church in Corinth. I stated that if you want to say there is a principle of weekly giving, that is fine. Just realize that we do not know after Paul collected the money if the brethren continued to give each first day of the week. I am not saying they did not, only that we don’t know. A lively discussion followed which was what I was hoping for. Some are locked in to what they believe and there is nothing I can do about that. Others will engage their brains and look at the text to determine if what the preacher is saying is true which is very Biblical (Acts: 17:11). There were so many questions but then the timekeeper held up the sign that says Stop and I turned to Jean Claude and he said: “Stop means stop” so the class ended. We then had some more songs (the singing was truly inspirational) and I then preached. Everything was well received and it was a joy to be with the brethren. Jean Claude and I then did the teaching that I mentioned above. One of the brothers brought us back in his car and it had an automatic transmission which you RARELY see. We then had linner at 2:30 and it was wonderful. Jean Claude went up to take a short nap while I did some stuff on the computer and looked over my message for tonight. The brother who brought us was to pick us but he did not show. He is an architect who works for the government. Cameroon is hosting the Africa Cup and he was called to a job sight. We hailed a taxi and got there before anyone else. Had a really good service tonight. My sermon lasted about 30 minutes and we did questions and answers for 45 minutes. I feel sad that no souls were won today but know that much seed was planted and that the time with the church was of benefit. Guy brought us back to the hotel and I will work for the next 2 hours or so. The lights on the stair way were out but I have counted the steps and can go up and down them in the dark. We leave for Nkoabang at 9 in the morning. Oh, the picture on the right below is of the congregation this morning.

Most recent totals from the train wreck are 75 dead with over 500 injuries. Please continue to pray for them. Am fixin to Skype with Linda. Yea! Looking forward to tomorrow.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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