Saturday, October 22, 2016 7:30pm-1:30pm CST

Dear All:

I am sad because I have not been able to Skype with Linda for 2 days. Yesterday she was “out of pocket” and today she is with the grandkids at 6 Flags for “Fright Fest”. I will have to wait until tomorrow. I just checked the internet for an update regarding the train wreck. They are now saying 70 are dead and Jean Claude told me that one of them is a cousin of a brother here in Yaoundé. We will continue to pray for all involved.

Got up at 5:45 and the Lord was so kind. The power stayed on all night but went off within 5 minutes of my getting up. It was light outside so little difficulty in making final preparations. Oh, I bragged too early regarding water as it went off this morning. Once again, had little impact on us. We made good time to Yaounde and the airport is on the road between Ebolowa and Yaounde. We stopped and bought two plane tickets for next Tuesday. They do not know at this time the reason for the train derailment but there were many more passengers on board because of the collapsed bridge. Before we went to the hotel we went to a nice grocery store to buy water and a few things to last us until Tuesday morning. We are allowed 30 Kilos (about 66 pounds) of checked baggage and 10 kilos (about 22 pounds) of carry-on. In the states, you are allowed a total of 100 pounds. There is a weight limit for carry-ons but in all of my years of travel I have never had to weigh my carry-on in the States. We should both be within the weight limit but if you go over the approximate charge per kilo is the equivalent of 91 cents. Two brethren came to the hotel around 3:30 from Nkoabang. That is where we will work on Monday. They had a prospect list showing 5 names so we are praying for souls. We are aware of at least 3 prospects at Biyem-assi tomorrow. One of the brothers from Jean Claude’s church was transferred by his company to Yaounde about 5 months ago. His name is Cyprian and is a really great Christian brother. He came by to visit and had supper with us. He and Jean Claude are pictured below. After we ate we had a great time of fellowship in discussing a number of Biblical issues and the kind of spirit we need to have to share the Word with those who differ with us. I am going to go over my lessons for tomorrow. Biyem-assi is the second largest French congregation and there should be around 120 tomorrow.

Miscellaneous stuff:

  1. Please pray for me tonight. My A/C is REALLY cold and I mean REALLY cold! I fear I am going to have to turn it off when I go to sleep and that goes against every fiber of my being! My bedroom is pictured below.
  2. I was forced, against my will, to ride in a taxi today. It is still amazing to watch the way the traffic works. I know there is nothing to fear but it is interesting to watch ‘first-timers’ as the traffic is not this convoluted in the States. I will confess, however, that when I am in a traffic jam in Dallas I will think of the way they drive here and wish we could do the same. It would allow you to arrive at your destination more quickly. Also, it would add a great deal of excitement to your life!
  3. I had to move my plug that runs my converter. I am able to plug in my computer and recharge both phones. One of the wall sockets would not hold the “thing” so I had to move it. Was not a big deal.
  4. I don’t think I have mentioned it on this trip but my “light-up” keyboard has really come in handy in all of the hotels save Bertoua. There the lighting was excellent.
  5. My room number is 404 so I am getting the pleasure of climbing steps again. The next time you check into a hotel/motel in the States: I highly recommend that you use the stairs. It will be good for your heart.

We are both doing well and excited about tomorrow. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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