Thursday, October 20, 2016 9:20pm-3:20pm

Dear All:

The long travel times are now behind us. Today it was about 7 hours but from now on the longest trip we will make is 4 hours. Let me get to the day: Awoke at 5:45 for a 6:30 departure and we were on time. Stopped on the way out of town to a grocery store to buy essentials for the journey. I have mentioned in other HOWDYS on other trips that many of the things we do are similar to you. That can be said of my meals today as I am sure they mimic what you ate. For breakfast, I had 2 hard-boiled eggs, 8 Golden Oreos, Sour Cream and Onion Pringles and Fruit punch. For lunch, I had their equivalent of an Eskimo Pie (2) and they were very tasty as well as some Blue Bell ice cream. Well, it wasn’t actually Blue Bell but just as good. Then for supper I had a ½ chicken, rice and fries. I am sure you enjoyed your meals today as much as I did. Oh, at lunch we went into a convenience store and a man said something to me in French and then a woman said the same thing. Jean Claude came in and I asked them what they were saying and it was: “your fly’s open”. Not sure if that is a precise word for word translation but it is close enough. I know that this would embarrass my darling, lovely, beautiful, vivacious, smart and wonderful wife so please don’t tell her! Maneuvering around my room requires delicate balance but I am known for such! Everything is put up and I am ready for tomorrow. We ate supper in Jean Claude’s room because the dining hall was being used by a company to make some kind of presentation and the bar area was too noisy. Etienne Fossi, one of the formerly supported preachers, came by for a visit. I will be able to tell you more tomorrow night but I am worried about this congregation. It appears, after talking with both Etienne and Jean Claude that there is virtually no leadership. We have prospects for tomorrow and Etienne says they are regular visitors which is good. Please keep this church in your prayers. Oh, it has been raining seriously hard so we are happy we are inside. Please pray that weather does not impede us tomorrow. The picture on the right below is of the road to Ebolowa. This is one of the nicest highways in Cameroon. Don’t recognize the good-looking guys on the right but they look like good guys!

Miscellaneous stuff:

  1. Poverty impacts church attendance. Let me explain; virtually everyone who is reading this has at least one automobile. Whether you are single, a couple or a family the cost of driving to church is the same. You could have 10 kids (a scary thought) but your gasoline expense would not increase. If you live in Cameroon, you either walk to church or you take public transport such as a taxi or machine. Each person has to pay so oftentimes they simply do not have the money to attend every service.
  2. I never cease to be amused when I am on a machine and the driver is talking on the phone. I can talk on the phone as a rider but don’t think I would want to try it as the driver.
  3. There are some messed up roosters in this country whose biological clock is out of whack. Why are roosters crowing at 11PM?
  4. So far the electricity has been constant but I remember last year that such was not the case. Therefore, my flashlight is in my pocket.
  5. If memory serves me correctly (boy am I in trouble) I have spoken more about being spoiled on this journey than any other. You see, the hotel we are in is quite nice but not up to the standards of Bertoua. I have A/C which is working very well but the bathroom is quite different. I will not have to worry about falling because there are no steps. In fact, the entire bathroom is about 6’x5′.

I have already Skyped with Linda but may do so again to see Charlie Brown. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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