Wednesday, October 19, 2016 9:00pm-3:00pm CST

Dear All:

I am so incredibly blessed! My Heavenly Father has showered blessing upon blessing on me during this journey. We are still not quite to the ½ way mark but here are some of the ways He has blessed me: 1) Your prayers. I am aware that literally thousands of prayers are going up on behalf of myself and Jean Claude. THANK YOU!!! 2) Fours souls and 5 others that we were able to share the gospel with. 3) Numerous times of fellowship with our dear brethren. Their example of faith is so encouraging. 4) Safe travel on all kinds of roads and vehicles. The flights from the States were without incident and went smoothly, not to mention the Cameroonian part. 3) Good health – Jean Claude and I have felt good from the beginning and pray that will continue. 5) Delicious and bountiful food. 6) Wonderful accommodations. Yes, some are nicer than others but all have been greatly appreciated. These are obviously “high points” as there are many other ways in which the Lord has been smiling on us.

We have been blessed with another great day but such is always the case if you are God’s child. Even in the midst of trial we know where our destiny lies. I assume I have told you in previous “howdys” (not on this trip) that my mother died at the age of 52 when I was only 15. She suffered a great deal from an illness but was faithful to the Lord Jesus. I am not minimizing her suffering but for the past 50+ years she has been at peace. When I see a wealthy person who is not following the Lord, I have great sorrow for them because I know the day is coming when their joy will all be in the ‘rear view mirror’ and nothing positive on the horizon. We read in I John 3:1 what a marvelous blessing it is to be in the family of God and indeed, it is!

I woke up at 8 after another good night’s rest. I hope that my lines about ‘good rest’ do not bore you as it is a GREAT blessing from God. The Lord continues to bless us with electricity so I have been able to sleep in comfort and drink cold drinks from my fridge. As I have told you countless times; each time I come to this blessed country I am made aware of my comforts in America. We climbed machines and headed to the hall which is roughly 7 minutes from the hotel. When we arrived, we found Michael and I am so happy. You see, he is the husband of Gaelle who was baptized yesterday. He is pictured below with Paul. Michael said that he had visited and studied with many denominations and found them to be wanting in one area of doctrine or another. He could never find the church he read about in the Bible until he began to visit us. The study was very thought provoking and you could easily see that he was a seeker of the truth. I was so happy to witness his new birth! Right after the baptism Paul was talking to me about two Muslims who he had recently studied with who wanted to become Christians. When the family discovered their “crime”, they took a knife to one of the boys and they both had to flee. Paul has no idea as to where they are. It is one thing to be opposed to a religion but something quite extreme to be willing to kill a relative who would venture “off the reservation”. When you look at the direction our country is headed; I fear for our children and grandchildren. While we were at the baptism Jean Claude had a study with another woman. He told me that she is so confused by denominationalism and fears that she will not give her life to the Lord. We, of course, pray that his belief is wrong. The power of the Devil is often seen when you try to share the gospel. I studied with two women and one of them held great sway over the other. We can only pray that with time they will have a change of heart. Before that study I was able to have a lengthy talk with Paul. This is a good brother who is doing a GREAT job. The work on the French side is very difficult.

We came back to the hotel and ordered our lupper or linner. We have enjoyed 3 great meals in this hotel. It is also a joy to be able to dine with Jean Claude and visit about all kinds of things. He is a rich blessing in my life and in the lives of so many others. BTW: please be praying for his wife Mary as she will have surgery next Wednesday. It is some type of “female surgery” and European doctors will perform the surgery. It will not be nearly as invasive as what they have done in the past, in fact, Jean Claude says that Mary laughs at him because he has had the more difficult types of surgery that cause a lot of cutting. While I am thinking about it: please pray for Jean Simmons as she continues here Chemo treatments. Also, pray for her sister Becky who is enduring the same type of Cancer. I don’t know Becky’s last name but the Lord will know who you are talking about! I was able to do some packing this afternoon as well as some other work. We left for the hall at 5:45 and made it without incident. Enjoyed our time with one another. Climbed machines back and am pretty much packed. Paul’s wife Rose did our laundry and brought it tonight. We are loading at 6:30 in the morning for our journey to Ebolowa. About an 8-hour journey but we will be on tar road all the way. We will only work in Ebolowa on Friday.

Miscellaneous stuff:

  1. This hotel has so spoiled me that I am failing to keep up with my flashlight. In Yokaduma before the sun set I knew exactly where it was at.
  2. I had a successful shower tonight. By successful I mean that I did not fall! I pray more getting in and out of this tub than I do on a machine! If I lived here I would get a small ladder!
  3. On the way to and from the worship tonight it was actually cool. Cool enough that if I had a jacket, I would have worn it.
  4. I am also spoiled by the bright lights in my room. In Yokaduma, even when the power was on I often had to use my flashlight. When I would Skype with Linda I had to shine the flashlight on me or she couldn’t see me.
  5. Due to time I will only have time to dine on some Oreos and Coke Zero tonight.

Oh, the other day Charlie Brown said he wanted a nice picture of him on my blog so you can see him and Grandma below. Two cuties!!!!

I continue to thank God for you.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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