Tuesday, October 18, 2016 8:30pm-2:30PM CST

Dear All:

Is it OK if I get my complaints out of the way? I guess since I am writing you have no say in the matter! 3 horrific problems I am or did deal with. 1) Yesterday when we got in I was very hot. The temperature is no more than 90 but after unpacking I was looking forward to a nice cold shower. When I am hot I do not want a hot shower. In Texas during the summer if I have come in from a “heat activity” I want the water as cold as possible. Well, yesterday when the water came out it was warm to hot and I couldn’t get it to be cold. What a bummer! 2) I bought 2 bottles of Coke Zero and put them in my fridge. Not in the freezer but in the fridge. They are now on top of the machine because they are freezing up. The trials of a missionary! 3) It is getting too cold in this room! I will repeat what I have written in the past. You may say turn the A/C off but as soon as I do that the power may go off. I would rather suffer with frostbite!

We have had a good and productive day. Got up at 8 after a good night’s rest. The power is continuous so far and the prayer is that it will remain. I like going to Yokaduma first as I would prefer to get the easy stuff later on. One of our elders, Kurt Simmons, has been with me 6 or so times to Cameroon. The first time he came I treated everyone to a nice meal in a nice hotel on the last day. Kurt said: “why didn’t we start off here” to which I replied: “it would have made the rest of the trip more difficult”. We climbed machines to the church hall and arrived around 9:45. There were two prospects there and we began teaching. They had their babies with them and Paul took care of the kids during the study. The one on the left below is Jacqueline and the one on the right is Gaelle. Jacqueline’s husband is a good brother and Gaelle has visited frequently. I have stated in other reports that there is a reason for our high percentage of baptisms and it has nothing to do with the Americans. It is that they are good prospects and others have played a part in their conversion. The picture on the right is of Paul, the Bertoua preacher, baptizing Gaelle. Oh, we took 4 machines to the water. I was on one; Jean Claude on one; Paul on one and Jacqueline, Gaelle and their babies on another. Don’t know why they didn’t get separate machines but I leave that up to the brethren.

Let me digress for a minute. On these campaigns our goal is never baptism. We are teaching and praying for surrender. If I simply wanted baptisms the numbers would be much higher. For example, once we have taught about baptism I do not ask them to go to the water at that moment. We will do two primary things: 1) We will talk about the church. As you know, denominationalism is rampant throughout the world. My experience is that most people simply believe that you should go to some church but where is not important. Well, Jesus died and purchased one church and the Scriptures are crystal clear. You are not to get baptized and then return to your previous church but to leave the denomination and come to the one church that Jesus built. I understand that many will say that that is narrow minded and I say AMEN. There is nothing broad about truth. Jesus speaks about entering through the narrow gate. He says specifically in Matthew 7 that the vast majority of humans will spend eternity in hell. He also points out in the same passage that there are many who accept the Lordship of Jesus, at least in word, but do not do the will of God. Hell will be dominated by good people who did not do the will of the Father. Cornelius, in Acts 10, is a great Biblical example of a righteous, God fearing and moral man who was lost until he was baptized into Christ. 2) We talk about their “post baptism” life and here is what I mean. So many believe that baptism is a ‘magical elixir’ and once you are baptized, Heaven is guaranteed. Of course, that violates Scripture which plainly says that I must continue to grow in my daily walk with the Lord. I could cite passage after passage but I will stop preaching. Let me add one thing; you recall that Jean-darc said that she wanted to be baptized on Sunday but then she never followed through with her commitment. Obviously, I pray that she has a change of heart and gives her life to the Lord but I don’t want one more baptism just to make the numbers higher. We want souls who will serve the Lord until they die.

After the baptism Paul discovered that our next prospect had to back out for some reason so I came back to the hotel. Jean Claude went to get his head shaved as Mary does not like to see his gray hair. Of course, she is in Douala so she can’t see it anyway but like a dutiful wife; she wants her husband to look good; at least in her eyes. I know that Linda will pick at me from time to time about my eyebrows or a hair out of place which does not concern me at all. As I have told you in the past; I am a slob and that is why I am such a happy camper. I did not waste the afternoon or take a nap. I was able to get caught up on preacher reports and put together a PPT for next month. Also did some planning regarding a couple of WBS seminars I will conduct in November and December. Due to our schedule; we ate lunch at 2 and it was really good. Left at 5:45 for the church hall as worship was at 6. Good crowd and it was a pleasure to be with my brethren in Bertoua. You see, for many years, while I was in Yokaduma other Americans would work in Bertoua. I am guessing that it has been 6-8 years since I worked here.
Paul led the singing and he is an excellent song leader. After worship Jean Claude and I climbed machines and went to a grocery store to buy some needed things. I am going to take a rest tonight and dine on chocolate, Oreos, Twinkies, Honey Roasted Cashews and a nice cold Coke Zero.

Miscellaneous Stuff:

  1. I do not want to leave a wrong impression about my fridge. It is wonderful to have ICE WATER!
  2. I am amazed at the level of water pressure. It comes out as fast as my shower at home.
  3. It is good to get back in a semi-big town because there are more machines to maneuver around.
  4. My treacherous bathroom did me in tonight. As I told you yesterday, there are 3 levels and one is substantial. Well, I fell tonight but God blessed me with a safe and uneventful fall so you do not need to worry. The person who will worry knows who she is!
  5. It is fascinating riding at night. Bertoua has many street lights but I only saw two that were lit! Lots and lots of headlights, though.
  6. Jean Claude and I Skyped with Linda before worship. She was still in her curlers and demanded that I wait to bring him in until she could unload them. We had a good visit.

Please continue to pray for our work. Tomorrow is the last day here and we are off to Ebolowa. Thanks for your love, concern and prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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