Monday, October 17, 2016 7:45pm-1:45pm CST

Dear All:

I am back from the Bush! It was an exciting journey and I will get into that as my missive progresses. Power was off all night but I still slept through another rainstorm, according to Jean Claude. I was very thankful to be packed and there was enough light this morning to get everything loaded. We left at 6:30 as our driver had come in last night. He was unaware of the fuel rationing so on the way we had to make two stops for small amounts of fuel. The road between Yokaduma and Batouri is not a heavily traveled one. Mostly big trucks and buses taking people from one place to the other. Oh, even though I am out of the bush my trusty flashlight is in my pocket because there are no guarantees that the light will remain. There are many places throughout Cameroon in which the electricity likes to go on holiday. About an hour or two out of Yokaduma we came upon what you see below on the left. It had rained quite hard in this place and two trucks were stuck in the mud. I got out to walk around and my sandals gained 5 pounds in mud! Jean Claude says there are times when people will “sleep”, that is, be stranded on the road for a week or more. They trek to small villages to get some food to maintain their energy. If a truck falls with a heavy amount of cargo they will have to bring a truck from Yaounde or Douala to remove it. There are enterprising young men who will help you push if you pay them which we were happy to do. Believe it or not, we made it past the truck on the left and were on our way. 8 young men helped guide the car. Oh, while I am thinking about it a minor revision from the other day. I mentioned a rain gauge but it is a rain gate. Now back to today: our driver would have to stop periodically to remove the mud from around the tires. A minor problem when you look at those who were stranded. My sandals were very dirty so we stopped at a small river where some ladies were doing their laundry. I walked a few feet in to start cleaning and Jean Claude said they were laughing at me because I didn’t know how to do it. Well, this was my first foray. They were nice enough to take my sandals and clean them and we were on our way. The balance of the trip was smooth, not the road but the trip. Was bouncing all over the place and am confident that I lost 5 pounds without doing any exercise. The picture on the bottom right shows that they will put all kinds of things on machines I was happy to see a good deal of dust. I prefer dust to mud because I have never gotten stuck in the dust. When we got to the hotel I was very surprised. You see, I always try to learn the names of the hotel workers and the guy at the desk was named Curtis. Don’t think I have ever met a Curtis in all of my years in Africa. The guy in the restaurant was named Eric and that is a name I have only heard a few times. My room is very nice; It has an A/C that is working well and a Fridge that is also working well. I forgot to tell you; in Yokaduma the other day I saw Coke Zero. That is like seeing a snowball in Kenya! My bathroom is very interesting in that I have a bathtub that is considerably off the ground. In fact, when I stand up in the bathtub my head is within 6 inches of the ceiling and it is a normal sized ceiling. If my darling wife tried to get out of this tub she would need a parachute! The bed is very nice and I am sure the TV is as well but I will never find out. Jean Claude and I had a wonderful meal tonight and he has gone out while I am getting caught up. When he gets back we plan to Skype with Grandma and Charlie Brown as she wants to see him. Please pray that we will have receptive hearts as we begin to teach tomorrow.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


One Response to HOWDY

  1. The emails for 10/16/2016 and 10/17/2016 would not let me forward them with the pictures, even when I tried copying and pasting. They would only forward without including the pictures. Also got the same message when I tried to reply with one of the emails. Keeps telling me: “This message was not sent due to an error.” Not tech savvy to know exactly what that means.

    Rebecca Dunn
    North Mission Church of Christ

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