Thursday, October 13, 2016 8:45pm-2:45pm CST

Dear All:

Below is the famous, or is it infamous, Charlie Brown. Grandma taught him how to make such a face! She is quite adept at these types of things! Let me see what I can remember from this long day.

Awoke at 4:50 (why would people do such a thing)? I was ready to go by 5:20 but Jean Claude wasn’t so we starting going down at 5:55. Took a taxi to the bus station where Jean Claude had purchased the tickets yesterday. Very nice bus with A/C and they give you a complimentary drink and sandwich when you get on. Trip took about 5 ½ hours. We were stopped at one Police check. Everyone gets down and the officer is waiting as you exit to show your ID card or in my case, my passport. No problems and you then walk about 50 yards ahead and after everyone has been checked the driver pulls up and you load up. The whole procedure was no longer than 15 minutes. When we arrived in Yaounde Simon Parfait, the preacher at one of the churches we will work with next week was there. I had brought some things from the States that his sponsor gave his family. We left Yaounde around 1 and made good time. The road used to be a tar (asphalt) road about 1/3 of the way but it has been paved the entire way. Actually this is a better road than the one from Douala to Yaounde because of its newness. When we arrived in Bertoua we stopped at a grocery store and bought a few things. Then got to the hotel and the electricity was off. Fortunately, it came on shortly after we were here. My room is very nice with an A/C that is blowing on me and my bed is positioned in such a way that it will blow all night. Please pray the electricity stays on! Paul (Jean Claude’s brother and the preacher in Bertoua) along with his sweet wife Rose came to have supper with us. The brought their newest child; a boy named Preston who was born on July 16. I asked Paul the date of the child’s birth and he did not know. Rose was not happy! We had a great supper and I am having desert. Some cookies I bought for tomorrow but they kept calling my name so I had to eat most of them. The operative word in that previous sentence is had.

Miscellaneous stuff:

  1. I forgot to tell you about my machine driver yesterday. Understand that it is in the mid 80’s and he had on a heavy coat and gloves. When I looked at him I started sweating!
  2. The bus we rode from Douala had seat belts! They are becoming more common.
  3. I am sure I have mentioned the bus park before. You truly have to see it to comprehend how small it is for some really big buses. No desire at all to drive one of this monsters.
  4. I actually had goose bumps on the bus because the A/C was cranked so high.
  5. Here are a couple of interesting phrases:
    1. Instead of saying that the car ran out of gas you say the petrol got finished in the car.
    2. Jean Claude was describing a Cameroonian who has moved to Canada and to show that he has moved up in the world he said: I’m eating bread with butter.

We are headed out at 6:30 in the morning so another short night. It will be good to get to work on Saturday. We hope to be in Yokaduma by 3 or 4 tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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