Monday, October 10, 2016 7:15pm- 5:15pm CST

Dear All:

I can’t believe that I forgot to write a PRE-HOWDY but I did. As I write I am 35,000 feet above the earth. Really busy the last few days and Monday is a bad day to leave. The reason for the early departure is that Jean Claude and I will have a loooooooong trip come Thursday and Friday. We will leave Douala and spend about 20 hours getting to Yokaduma. It will take longer to travel 350 or so miles than it did to travel over 6,000 miles in the air. As with all of my missives; I will begin at the start of the day; got up at 5:30 as my wonderful, lovely and fantastic daughter was picking me at 7:30. Got everything done and when she arrived there was a bonus; our grandson Will was with her. The kids are off for Columbus Day so it was nice to ride to the airport with both of them. No problems as we took the HOV and Express Lanes on LBJ and you can fly. They dumped me and I got checked in with no problems. Went and got breakfast at Wendy’s. It was the same restaurant that Bryan and I ate at this past June. Boarded on time and flight was smooth. Took train to terminal in Atlanta and this flight was also on time. Only an hour or so layover in Atlanta. Was able to Skype with Linda and she is fine. She went to the eye doctor today with a potential problem but it appears to be OK. She has been having some foot problems as well so please keep her in prayer. Flight out of Atlanta was on schedule and we will land in about 6 ½ hours. 5-hour layover in Paris so not looking forward to that. Obviously I have no Africa pictures so the one below is of our oldest son and his family in Huntersville, NC. We were able to visit them this past August. Supper is headed my way so I MUST stop writing.

Tuesday, October 10, 2016 3:00am-Monday, October 10, 2016pm CST

I am perplexed. Was this the greatest airplane meal ever or has it just been 3 months since I had such a delicacy? This was quite unlike any other meal I have had on a plane for 2 reasons. 1) They served BBQ Chicken as the main entrée and boiled shrimp! I was blessed because Jeremy (the guy next to me) saw me devour my shrimp and told me that he was allergic to shrimp. He offered them to me and being the polite guy I am I HAD to accept them. The desert was a divine brownie and I noticed that he had not eaten his so I asked him if I could have it and he said yes. I looked at the tray across the aisle and that guy had eaten his. I thought about going throughout the cabin but didn’t want to overeat. I then watched a movie and am fixin to try to sleep. If I can get 2 hours or so I will be happy.

Tuesday, October 10, 2016 6:45am-Monday, October 10, 2016 11:45pm CST

Please pray for Jeremy. He is a very nice young man who is in the US Army and stationed in Italy. He has a wife and 11-month old daughter. I spoke about the work I do with WBS and gave him my card. When we were leaving he told me that he would email me so he could study. Please pray that this will pan out. He grew up in Memphis and most recently lived in Austin. He will be in Italy 3 more years and get out and pursue a computer job. The flight was 30 minutes early which simply means I get to wait longer at the gate as my flight does not leave for more than 4 hours. Due to my Pacemaker it always takes a long time to get through security but with this much time, no problem. Will do some reading and may even watch something on Bapp’s (my daughter) DVD player. The trip has been totally smooth and I am scheduled to land in Douala at 4:45 this afternoon. Lord willing, I will post this tonight or tomorrow.

2:15pm – 8:15am CST

I actually got some more rest. I think I have had a total of 4 hours sleep which is good for me. I just finished an episode of The Rockford Files which is one of Bryan Rendon’s favorite shows. That is Bryan below with toothpaste all over his face. In June we tried to help him learn how to brush his teeth with a small amount of success. I also worked on a sermon for next month and did some reading. The schedule for the next few days is as follows: Lord willing, I will land in less than 3 hours and head for the hotel. Tomorrow will be a day of rest and purchasing some things for the trip. Thursday we will travel to Yaoundé and on to Bertoua where we will spend the night. Then Friday we will travel to Batouri and on to Yokaduma. We will have to leave around 6am to make it there by 4pm if the road is in a cooperative spirit. We will work in Yokaduma on Saturday and Sunday and then head back to Bertoua.

9:20pm-3:20pm CST

As you can see, there is a 6-hour difference between Cameroon and Texas. Since I last wrote the balance of the flight was nice. We actually landed a few minutes early which is not the norm. Cleared customs easily and bags came off as fast as I can remember. Non-travelers cannot approach the airport so I went to a taxi driver and called Jean Claude and we were directed to him down the hill. Traffic was heavy but we made it to the hotel with no problems. I am on the 4th floor which is OK except the lifter (elevator) is out of commission. Talk about a long walk! Don’t plan to go downstairs unless I have to. Room is very nice and I am unpacked. Will Skype with Linda and Charlie Brown in an hour or so. Took a nice shower with hot water. Tomorrow should be a restful day and I am looking forward to sleeping in. This will be the only chance I have in the next 3 weeks to do so. Thanks for your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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