Monday, June 27, 2016 7:45pm-1:45PM CST

Dear All:

Made is safely and the best way to start is at the beginning. Woke up at 6 after another good night’s rest. Chris has been having some stomach problems the last few days so please pray for him. That is a long trip home to not feel well. Everyone else is well. Lawrence the driver was on time and we loaded with no problems. The panoramic ability of an IPhone can be very helpful. Below on the left you can see my room in Kumba. In the upper right hand corner you can see a shadow which is my flat screen TV. I never watch television in Cameroon but the hotels have nice sets. In the right hand corner is my fridge. You can see there is a nice bed and my table with computer on the left. The floor is a nice tile. On the right below is the team in front of the lifters (elevators) in the hotel. Back to the journey; we stopped at a petrol station on the way out of town to get some food and drinks for the trip. Bryan forced me to eat some ice cream. Let me explain why I use the word forced. He said: “Jim, do you want some ice cream” and I said no because I am watching my youthful figger. He started to tear up and because I am a good grandpa; I gave in and ate one. I then finished half of his! Also had some Short Bread and OJ. I must give credit where credit is due: the real culprit behind this ‘ice cream thing’ was Kevin. He started the ‘snowball’ rolling and soon everyone had ice cream. It rained small on the way but not all of the way. We dropped some stuff for Vincent in Muyuka but he traveled on with us to Douala. We then dropped Henry in Buea. It was a real joy to have him on the team. We made good time to Douala but it takes a good amount of time to get through Bonaberi because of the road construction. Got to the hotel and dropped our stuff and headed for the wood market. I didn’t go because I wasn’t going to buy anything and I knew that Jean Claude and Vincent could bargain for the guys. I got a lot of work done (packing and unpacking) during the time they were gone. Jean Claude called me and said to meet them at the restaurant so I climbed a machine and was there in 5 minutes. Everyone enjoyed their meal. Took taxis back and I had the guys come in and we visited for a short time. I have mentioned in previous Howdys (not on this trip) that depending on the machine and road; it helps your prayer life. The same is true of the lifter in the hotel here. The noises it makes and the ‘herky-jerky’ motion do not inspire confidence. Speaking of Bryan tearing up above; I am about to do the same because my M&Ms are almost finished as is my last Coke Light. I went several places hunting Coke Light but evidently everyone in Douala understands what a refreshing and healthy drink it is. I am going to Skype Linda and actually get in a movie or TV show. This will be the first chance I have had on this trip. It really has been a blessed trip and I will write more in my final Howdy. I will post a short one tomorrow and then write the final one in installments and post it on Thursday, Lord willing. Thanks for your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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