Saturday, June 25, 2016 7:40pm-1:40pm CST

Dear All:

Whether you are in Cameroon, the States or anyplace else; the Lord is soooooooooooooooo good! We have had another blessed day. The Lord led us to teach the gospel to 16 souls and witness the new birth of 2! We are so thankful for His hand. I had three studies and one baptism. The girl I taught and baptized me reminded me of Reta Faris; at least her name. Here name was Kuki Rita! I think they are long lost relatives! Today was a normal day which means everything went fine. Let me recap: Slept fitfully and woke up refreshed. The team all slept well although Chris woke up a number of times but is OK. The breakfast is the same each morning with fresh pineapple, bread, pastry and chicken. Yes; they have chicken for breakfast. While I am thinking about it the number to dial from room to room is quite interesting. Let me give you a few examples; Kevin is in room 601 so you dial 215. Vincent is in room 604 so you dial 186. Chris is in room 609 so you dial 157 and Henry is in room 618 so you dial 155. If there are any “math geniuses” out there who can solve this code; please let me know. Had a great devo and Bryan led us. He dealt with I Peter 3:15, 16 and Psalm 115:1. I am really glad he is with us and look forward to bringing many more teens. He, of course, is not the first. I think he may hold the title of “goofiest”! We are all working in the Kumba area today and tomorrow so the travel is very short. My guy did not come to pick me until 10:45 so I was able to get ahead of the game and do some stuff that I generally do at night. Also, because the trip is winding down there are some last minute things I have to accomplish. We all were safe today and as you have already seen; fruitful. The lone exception was Vincent. He had to come back to the hotel but he is feeling fine right now. He just came down and told me that he received a text that his son has been admitted to the hospital. He has blurry vision and a number of other problems. Please keep him in prayer. His name is Esli. Supper was delicious once again and we have been impressed with both the amenities of the hotel but the friendly staff. Oh, Bryan is eating anything that is not tied down. Kevin had some spaghetti left and Small Boy inquired if he could have it. I had given him 2 Twinkies before supper and Ken had given him some food. Tonight the Small Boy came in and Skyped with Tom Kimmey, our youth minister and Kevin and Ken. I will Skype with Linda in a bit. Charlie Brown has went to Eagle Pass with his family and will not be there when I arrive next week which makes me sad. I am going to take a shower and may actually get in bed at a decent hour. I do need to speak briefly with Jean Claude about the October campaign.

Miscellaneous Stuff:

  1. I rode 3 to a machine today going down for the baptism. I really don’t like to do that but we made it with no problems. For those of you at Buckingham Road; ask Kurt about his adventures riding with 2 others.
  2. On one of my studies today I asked where she was born. The answer was in that village to which Mathias said: “She is a daughter of the soil.”
  3. The brethren told me about one of the brothers who is a machine rider. They said he evangelizes everyone who rides. He gives them tracts and shares the gospel.
  4. Below is the picture of where we baptized and Henry is on the right.

We are all well. Thanks for your prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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