Friday, June 24, 2016 10:50pm-4:50pm CST

Dear All:

Another fruitful day! If memory serves me correctly (which means, we are in trouble) this has been the most consistent campaign in some time. Generally, we have one or two days with little fruit and only the Lord knows tomorrow and Sunday but thus far the Lord has blessed us with many souls. At the present time we have had 77 Bible studies and 41 baptisms. We are so grateful to our GREAT God!

I am aware that much of what I write is fluff and nonsense. My wife says that is one of my few gifts. I pray that I am not wasting your time. Much of what I write is redundant and I even have my fair share of reiteration! I may even repeat myself from time to time and if so, just realize my memory is fading. Day started like all with having experienced a good night’s rest. I never want to take that blessing for granted as I know some do not sleep well and it effects their day. I went down for breakfast; primarily for the fellowship but I did eat some bread and jelly. Then came back to my room for our devo. Chris had the thought today and he did a really good job. Bryan is speaking in the morning and I have told him numerous times that he can only speak for 5 minutes. The kid has the ‘gift’ of rambling and I may have to reel him in tomorrow. Today was a great day in the weather department. Unlike yesterday, there was not a drop today and I even saw a little ‘blue’ which looked very nice. Today we did not squeeze as yesterday and I rode with Kevin and Vincent to their place of work and Vincent got a car for me. The driver was John and he was the same guy I rode with yesterday. He is also a brother in the Lord. Because of the good weather we were only 5 minutes late for worship which put us ahead of plenty. Sang many songs and then the preacher had the 3 who were baptized yesterday come forward so I could encourage them. They are seen below and are from left to right: Celestine, Anastasia and Jackson. I then preached for about 30 minutes or so. We had a 10-minute break and then the prospects came one at a time. The church in Bole has been extremely well prepared both last year and this. I taught 5 studies and had 3 baptisms. Each of them have some tie-in to brethren in the congregation so I feel good about them. Because the road was good today; I was able to take a machine all the way back to Kumba. We got stopped at a Police checkpoint and discovered that my driver had no driver’s license or insurance. After a bribe (I don’t know how much he paid) we were off. If you have been reading these ‘howdys’ for some years you know my love affair with machines. This road was bumpy and fantastic. When we were entering Kumba he saw another Police control ahead so he took a long detour. I know Kumba pretty well but saw some new sights. I bought him some fuel and we made it to the hotel the same time as Kevin and Vincent were arriving. I came to my room and began downloading pictures and doing some other miscellaneous stuff. We had supper at 6:30 (each night supper has been 20-40 minutes late which is OK because we get to visit longer) and everyone enjoyed their meal. We had quite a diversity with chicken, shrimp, fish, spaghetti and a number of side dishes. Came up to the room and Skyped with Linda and Charlie Brown. Vincent, Jean Claude and Henry came in to chat with her. Jean Claude did most of the talking but everyone enjoyed seeing each other. I took money to the guys who need it for taxis tomorrow and Ken has all of the drinking water in his room. Small boy was able to Skype with his parents which was good for them. Ken or Kevin asked him the other day if he missed his parents and the response was slow and unconvincing. The kid is having the time of his life. I have had my shower for the night and have about 30 minutes’ worth of stuff to do.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. I want to go into some detail about the hotel beyond what I have written. I am aware that physical blessings are temporary and that our eyes need to be on the eternal. Having said that: I think it is good to say THANK YOU to God on a regular basis for the comforts He provides.
    1. The name of the hotel is Macklordd’s and yes, there are two ‘Ds’.
    2. The hotel only opened last December so it will be interesting to watch over the next few years to see if they keep it maintained. We have stayed in a number of hotels that were very nice when they were young but in short time they began to decline.
    3. Everything in the hotel works which is very nice. Obviously, at such a young age it should.
    4. The toilet seats are still in place but I fail to see why they wasted good money on such a luxury item.
    5. The lighting is excellent. My “light-up” keyboard is not needed.
    6. The restaurant is excellent as is the food and service.
    7. It is hard for me to compare this to an American hotel because I have been to Africa so many times that a place like this seems to be as nice as anything could be.
    8. I did mention the generator but need to ‘plug’ it again. I do not know how many times the lights have went off only to come back on in seconds. It is nice knowing that your A/C and Fridge will continue to work.
    9. The bathtub has a stopper that actually fits and works!
    10. There is no need to use bath towels from the States as these are top notch.
  2. This morning at breakfast Bryan asked me how old Vincent was. I knew approximately but I asked him and he said 60. Bryan responded: “man, you and Jim are ancient”. Little punk!!!
  3. I am starting to get ‘put out’ with you guys that only care about and ask about Bryan. He loves to pose for pictures so you can see him below brushing his teach and eating a chicken sandwich.
  4. Bryan is not a normal teenager. Now I realize that that may have been the first time I ever used the words ‘normal’ and ‘teenager’ in the same sentence! You see; he doesn’t like sodas but not because of the taste but because they are not healthy. I was having a Coke tonight and it was a really big bottle. I didn’t want all of it so I asked Henry if he would like it and he said yes. Small boy pleaded with Henry not to drink it but to no avail. I mentioned that he never said anything to me to keep me from harm and he said I was ‘locked in’ and there was no hope for me. That kid better watch it or there will be no hope for him!
  5. Jean Claude was making fun of Bryan at supper tonight because today when he was preaching he took Kleenex and blew his nose while he was talking. Jean Claude just laughed. He also mentioned that when Ken came to where he was Bryan yelled out: “white man, white man”. The old ladies thought that was too funny.

We are all healthy (especially Bryan) and say THANK YOU for keeping us in prayer.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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