Thursday, June 23, 2016 9:40pm-3:40pm CST

Dear All:

The second section of the campaign started off well. We had 25 Bible studies and 11 baptisms. Of course, from the Christian’s point of view we are always successful when we go into the field. Unlike a physical farmer, we cannot know who is good soil and not. Even when one is baptized we cannot know their motives. You and I would be thrilled beyond words if the 28 who have been baptized since we began all remain faithful and grow into strong Christians. The reality is that the prospects of such happening are very small. We are simply thankful that the Lord has led us to share the Word with so many.

The day began as with all days. A good night’s rest and a good bed. Chris got sick during the night and told me that housekeeping would not be very pleased with the stuff he ‘threw up’. I asked him if he needed to stay in and he said no and ultimately had a good and healthy day. Both Ken and Bryan fell off of machines today because of the slippery mud but no injury was had except for their pride! Henry led our devotional thought this morning and did a GREAT job. He has been such a pleasant addition to the team. He does not joke much and I am not sure how he is processing our American humor. We had the devo in my room and you can see us below. The hotel offers a complimentary breakfast and they said it was very good. Just as I was getting ready the rain started. We climbed into two taxis to go to the car park where we would get other vehicles to take us to our villages. Kevin and Vincent took a car and Bryan and I rode in the front seat with Jean Claude, Henry, Ken and Chris in the back. Bryan discovered that you can ride in the middle of bucket seats. We told him to be thankful that they didn’t place another person as that is the norm. I was the last to drop and Brother Inyang picked me by the roadside. We walked back to the church building which is roughly 150 yards. The road is muddy and uneven but we got there with no problem. Bole had scheduled to have worship at 10 and then for me to teach prospects. The whole church was there and we had a great assembly. At the beginning the children sang a couple of songs and then they had a drama of Solomon settling the issue of the two mothers where one had laid on and killed the other ladies’ child. The picture below portrays them fighting over the child. Fortunately, they used a doll. I then preached and the whole church stayed while we taught prospects. I was able to teach 4 and witness 3 of them surrender their lives to the Lord. Each study was good with many excellent questions. They were truly thinking as I taught. It also started raining and was coming down pretty hard. My interpreter is named Ituka and he had a strong voice and did an excellent job. The Lord was so kind in that the rain stopped as I was fixin to leave. We walked to the road and waited for a car. Bole is not exactly Douala so you may wait for a long time. However, the chief of the village of Mabonji was in Bole and he took me to Kumba. I asked him what I owed him and he said: “Are you a missionary” to which I replied in the affirmative. He then said: “how could I take money from a man of God who is on a mission for the Lord.” When I got back my boots were caked with mud and a man at the hotel cleaned them for me. This hotel does not have room keys but ‘credit card’ type cards that open the door. The laundry came back tonight and 8 guys produce a lot of dirty clothes. At supper tonight we were commenting how everyone is ONLY concerned about Bryan. Well, he is doing well. Had an excellent supper and the hotel provides us fresh fruit for desert. I have already downloaded all of my pictures and videos from the day as well as accomplish a few other things. Since I arrived I have not had time to see a single episode of a TV program or movie and am not sure if I will on this trip. I will Skype Linda and Charlie Brown in a little while. Bryan tried to call his parents but they did not answer. They must have caller ID! I am not going to estimate a time to get to bed as I always miss my target.

We are fine and thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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