Wednesday, June 22, 2016 11:30pm-5:30pm CST

Dear All:

Very nice and relaxing day. In fact, as I write I have a cold Coke Light and some Peanut M&Ms that I am munching on. I believe in eating healthy snacks! Louise Clement is a marvelous young girl (emphasis on young) who teaches in the seminar every other year. She is very health conscious and frequently asks for pointers on how to eat healthier. Well, maybe that last line is a bit of an exaggeration but not by much. Let me try to remember as much of the day as possible. Got up at 6:15 after another good night’s rest. Electricity stayed on all night and the A/C was fine. If it rained during the night I was unaware. We loaded on time and took off before 8. You can see us loading the van below. This is the same vehicle that broke down on the way. As it turned out a bolt had worked its way loose and that caused the “thing” to fall down. Hard to believe that these roads could shake anything. The road was so nice going to Kumba. Those of you who went last year would be so surprised. Last year the road was so muddy that a bus or van was not allowed on the road and we took 3 or 4 taxis. This year we sailed with absolutely no problems at all. We are staying at a new hotel I scouted out this past February. It is directly across the street from the grocery store we frequent. You have heard of the “difference between night and day”? That is this hotel versus the one in Ekondo-Titi. It was OK and we only had a few small problems but this hotel has 1) good A/C 2) Hot water 3) Good lighting 4) an elevator 5) fridge in every room and best of all; a generator that automatically comes on when the power goes off which is quite often. The girl at the front desk (Dorothy) said it would come on within 5 seconds. Well, she was wrong. Tonight the power went off during supper and it came on within 2 seconds! We went across the street and bought water for the next 5 days. The guys all got ice cream but I refrained because it is not good for your health. We dropped that stuff and then went back to the store to buy stuff for the children at the orphanage. We bought milk, soap, laundry detergent, spaghetti and most importantly: CANDY for the children. Some of them are pictured below. Dinah (the dear sister who runs the orphanage) told us that she has 40 something kids. She is an amazing sister. One of the kids who could not have been more than 3 said the books of the OT for us. I think she was right but will confess that since I worked on them with my children; I might miss one or two of the Minor Prophets. On the way back I had my driver stop at a petrol station to look for a Snickers and to get the driver something. Well, Jean Claude was in the car behind and had passed us but saw us out of the corner of his eye and had the driver return so he could get something! Came back and started unpacking. Oh, we gave the hotel our laundry and Bryan is in a panic. He asked me twice when it would be ready and I said possibly tomorrow but that will depend on whether the sun is shining. Ken got him going by telling him it would be Saturday at 10am and he went apoplectic. Actually, I don’t know what apoplectic means but it sounds like it fits. We met the preachers at 3 and are looking forward to the next 4 days. Our supper tonight was delicious. Bryan entertained us (I use the word as loosely as possible) with his jokes. He and Charlie Brown are on the same level and that would be OK except for the fact that Charlie Brown is 7. We told him some really good jokes and half and them buzzed right over his head. Jean Claude took up for him and said to Bryan: “don’t listen to these old men”. Kevin and Ken were insulted as they were the old men Jean Claude was referring to. We then came up to our rooms and I started some planning. Had Vincent come down and we have the framework in place for the campaign next June. It will be fine-tuned but we have a good idea of where we will be working. Bryan called his dad and I Skyped Linda, Charlie Brown and another of our grandkids: Alex. Please pray that none of us come down with pneumonia as we are living in ice boxes. For you younger kids who don’t know what an ice box is; just ask your grandparents or any other old person. The only reason I know the term is Alayne Royster told me what it meant. I might add: a finer, more intelligent, beautiful and marvelous girl you will find nowhere! I was able to take a nice bath. I have ‘lukewarm’ water. I think it is supposed to be hot but I am not complaining. We are all fine and thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

One Response to Howdy

  1. Alayne Royster says:

    Wow with all those compliments I might start to think more highly of myself than I ought.
    Praying for y’all constantly. I (almost) wish I was there.

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