Tuesday, June 21, 2016 10:35pm-4:35pm CST

Dear All:

Finished the first of three sections with 33 Bible studies and 17 baptisms. We all feel good about the work that the Lord was able to do. We are well aware that we are only vessels and all of the glory goes to Him.

Back to the start of the day: the electricity stayed on all night. I actually slept under a cover but it was not too cold in the room. My A/C is trying to ‘freeze up’ so it may not do that well tonight. Presently it is pleasant in the room. We plan to load around 7 in the morning. We are taking the same bus that broke down last Saturday but it has been fixed and will do well. We are praying that the heavy rains stay away from the road tonight and tomorrow morning. I got up at 7 and did usual stuff. Made it over to breakfast around 7:50 and had some toast and butter. Devo started at 8:10 and Ken led the devotional thought. He and Kevin are so wise and I enjoyed listening to him. Jean Claude’s sister Helene came and will go to Kumba with us tomorrow. She is a nurse on an island somewhere around here. I know you can only get to her jobsite by taking a canoe. Ashu picked me at 10 and the ride is short. Last year I worked in Lipenja and that is a long and enjoyable ride. I had two studies today. Both men were named Benjamin. The first was a member of a church that is a composite of the 7th Day Adventist and the Pentecostal Church. It was difficult to judge this study but I do pray that the seed that was sown will bear fruit one day. I then spoke for some time with Ashu and a brother named Peter. They asked a number of Bible questions and we had a good exchange. I then taught my 2nd Benjamin. This was a really good study and after many questions were answered; he desired baptism. He is in the middle on the left hand picture below flanked by Peter and Ashu. The picture on the right is where we trek (walk) to go to the stream for baptism. It is quite scenic. My prospects were finished early so I came back to the hotel for 90 minutes or so and got some needed work done. Ashu picked me at 3:45 and we had an excellent worship. I spoke on the need of balance in our evangelism. You see, some of them focus solely on the Lord (certainly our primary focus) with no focus on the church (not good) while others focus solely on the church which is also not good. I am sure I have told you in prior ‘howdys’ on other trips that the church here in many ways resembles the church in America when I was growing up in the 50’s. They can be quite dogmatic and argumentative. There is not a lot of teaching on the love and grace of God and they stress being right in an argumentative sense. Let me be clear; we must stand for and teach sound doctrine but we must teach the truth in love (Eph 4:15). We may be completely correct but if we teach in a harsh way, most will not pay any attention to us. They thanked me at the end of the service and gave me a bunch of fruit to bring back to the team. They also took picture after picture with me. Fred took me home in his car and I began packing. We had supper around 7:30 and all noted that it has really been good. That is a lot of food to cook for 8 people and the girl that did it was excellent. After supper Ashu and his wife showed up with our laundry. For some reason, Bryan failed to give any laundry on Saturday and says he will soon be in ‘recycle’ mode. Well, we will turn in laundry tomorrow so hopefully we can endure his odor! BTW: the kid went to bed again at 9 tonight. I don’t understand people with limited energy. Perhaps when I get old it will attack me. I took a nice shower. The pressure was low again but that is OK. It was nice and cold and felt very good. I have written my bulletin article for Sunday and will email it tonight. Still have some things to do but think I will be in bed by 11:30. The bus is already here and we load at 7 in the morning. The trip to Kumba is only 2 hours or so. We plan to go to the Orphanage shortly after we arrive and meet the preachers at 3. I can tell when the power gets low because my ceiling fan stops making a noise like it is trying to “take off”. Right now it is fairly quiet but I pray the noise will return soon.

We continue to thank you for your prayers. We work with 5 congregations on Thursday and Friday and another 5 on Saturday and Sunday. We are all doing well.

In Christ,

Jim Corner



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