Monday, June 20, 2016 11:00pm-5:00pm CST

Dear All:

The Lord continues to bless us which, of course, Is no surprise. I am not joking when I say that one of the blessings are some of the difficulties we are dealing with. You see, they simply point out so vividly how easy our life in America is. I will rehearse the day from the start: got up at 7 after a good night’s rest. I did notice, however, that the fan was not moving and that it was fairly warm in the room. Around 4 this morning the generator ran out of Petrol so we had no electricity of any kind. It came on some time during the day but not before we left. We gave the hotel some money to buy some more petrol and we should be good for the balance of our time in Ekondo-Titi. We had breakfast at 7:30 and I slipped over there around 7:50 and had some toast along with some peanut butter and jelly that Chris brought from the States. Devotional was at 8:10 although it was supposed to start at 8 but we are on BMT (Black Man Time). We sang and prayed and Kevin gave the devotional thought. I am always impressed when I am around him. He is such a wise, knowledgeable brother but also humble. A pretty good combination. Ashu picked me at 9 to go and work. Oh, we had 8 Bible studies and 4 baptisms today. I had two really good studies and both ended in baptism. Below on the left picture are Ashu (the preacher), Boris (our new brother) and Tony who did the baptizing. Boris is a classic case of many people having a hand in his conversion. Last June Mike Degge taught him. His mother is a faithful sister as is his sister. They had taught him along with Ashu. I just happened to push him over the line but the study was excellent. It was a long study with many questions and I am confident that he will grow in his faith. He is 18 years of age. The second study was with a young man of 26 years named Perpcy. He is pictured below with his wife Janet and 9 month old daughter Mary Louise. They also have a son of 6 years named Armstrong. Janet is the preacher’s daughter and I was totally unaware that we were studying with his son-in-law. Talk about a confusing background; his father is a Muslim and his mother a member of a denomination. He had so many good questions and after he said he wanted to be baptized Ashu asked him: why do you want to baptize? It was shortly thereafter that I discovered that he was Janet’s husband. He answered that he did not want to follow his mother or father but he wanted to do the will of God. When I saw Janet at church this afternoon she gave me a big hug and told me how happy she was. In between studies I had a long discussion with Ashu about various ways to grow a church. I stressed that patience is a virtue that you need as you work with the children of God. We then had our afternoon worship and it was very encouraging. We had questions and answers after the sermon and they lasted for 40 minutes. It had not rained all day which was quite a contrast to yesterday. I rode home in Fred’s car and had an enjoyable visit with him and his wife. Everyone had beaten me back and we had supper at 7. Another great feast as the cook(s) here are doing a great job. The greatest part of our meals is our fellowship. This is a wonderful team and I am glad to be a part of it. I tried to Skype with Linda but the signal is not strong so ultimately spoke with her on the phone. A plumber is coming out this afternoon to check if the leak in our front yard is under the house or in the yard. It has her stressed out so please pray for her. I visited with Vincent for some time tonight as well as Kevin & Ken. Bryan said he was tired and went to bed at 9! What a wimp! I am just hoping that I can be in bed by midnight. I took a good shower tonight and while the water is cold; that is actually OK. Pressure was a little faster tonight but there is no such thing as a fast shower. I have downloaded my pictures for the day and will do a few other things.


  1. I love having Kevin, Ken, Chris and Bryan with me. You see, between them there is no computer problem I have that cannot be fixed.
  2. While there are certainly differences between America and Cameroon; there are many similarities. For example, in America when we are fixin to trek to church we put our good shoes in our backpack and wear our boots. Same thing here! Another similarity: you never go anywhere at night without your flashlight. Even in the house you have it in your pocket so you are prepared when the power goes bye-bye.
  3. I smiled today as a brother took my “flat hat” and started wiping the benches with it. He thought it was a rag and I smiled and said: “that is my hat.” He looked embarrassed and said he would go and wash it so I got a clean hat out of the deal!
  4. Walking down to the stream where we baptized was fascinating. When you got within 15 yards the water was flowing but with my boots that was no problem. This afternoon they wanted to cross to the other side and I was confident the boots were high enough but I didn’t want to fall nor did the brethren. Perpcy got in front of me and said: “put your hands on my shoulders” and he guided me safely to and fro.
  5. My fan has 3 speeds but the only one that works is high but I am not complaining. I can always get under the covers. It does sound like an airplane fixin to take off but I can sleep with any noise so it will be no problem.
  6. Last night I took a somewhat unusual shower. I had told you I was going to wait but decided to ‘roll the dice’. There was no light in the bathroom but I have a Mag Light and I set it up in the shower. I did not dare to shampoo but I made it out OK. However, I knocked over the Mag Light and broke the bulb. I had a spare but I was in prayer that the other light would not go out as I had batteries and a bulb and the flashlight torn apart on my bed. God blessed me and the light stayed on and I was able to repair my flashlight.

Tomorrow is our last day in this section. We are all well and thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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