Wednesday, February 24, 2016 9:45pm-2:45pm CST

Dear All:

    Lord willing at this time tomorrow night we will be at the airport and within an hour or two of taking off. We will fly to Paris together and that is where we part ways. Ricardo flies to Minneapolis and on to Boise while I will fly to Atlanta and then Dallas. I mentioned being unable to sleep at times when you can and this was the same as yesterday. I woke up at 6:23 and just laid in bed for an hour and finally realized that I might as well get up. Got on the internet and I always have plenty of work to do. I have started packing because it takes me quite some time to get everything organized. Jean Claude went to the doctor today and has one more test before he has his surgery next Wednesday. He and Cyprian had some errands to run so Ricardo and I went to lunch without them. He had some kind of fish with a sauce that he absolutely raved about. He did say that it was not as tasty as my recipes but what is? The machine rides were enjoyable as ever and I am still baffled that anyone would intentionally take a taxi. Maybe they are all going to the doctor; the doctor for people who have lost their minds! I only had a salad but it was very nice. We had planned to eat in his room tonight (which we did) so I did not want to take in too many calories. I don’t want to return to the States with the girth of Teresa Blaisdell although I would have to put on about 100 pounds to catch her. I did have a Snickers this afternoon as I did not want to lose my strength. Jean Claude came over and we visited for some time. He is such a GREAT servant and dear brother. I spent the balance of the afternoon working on my trip report. Getting to church was sooooooooo cool tonight. The traffic was very heavy and took a minute to get across the street. There were machines coming in both directions (that is, some on the wrong side of the road) so you had to be vigilant. We made it across and the traffic was creeping. We did not see any machines that could take on passengers. There were plenty with 1 or 2 passengers so I made an executive decision. We crossed back over because I knew we could get a machine over there and simply do a U-turn which we did. This ride was so much fun; we weaved in and out of traffic and even got to ride on the sidewalk for some ways. When we came to the light it was red but all of the machine drivers are color blind (must be) as we all went with no problems. Arrived safely and enjoyed Bible class tonight. We had no active part so enjoyed the singing, prayers and the lesson. Coming back, it appeared that we might wait forever to get a machine so against my better judgement, we got a taxi. Absolutely no joy in riding in one of these. Got home and took a shower and then went down to Ricardo’s room. We had a true feast. Ravioli, tuna, sausage, banana Twinkie, Chocolate Mint Fiber One bar, cheese, crackers and chips. Oh, also a nice Coke Light and some sugar free candy that Ricardo had. Visited some but I had other stuff to get done. The picture on the left shows that you can get a lot of stuff on top of your vehicle. The one on the right is of Jean Claude in his office tonight.

    It took me a while but I finally have placed some of the comments from the Douala brethren below.


  1. The seminar is useful because it helps us to learn the words of life. It also helps us to teach our children who will lead the church tomorrow.
  2. I like for the Americans to visit time and again to revive our spirits.
  3. I think Brother Richard for the marvelous words that he has been sharing for plenty years.
  5. We have been helped by the clear teaching. It is also a blessing to see our brothers and sisters grow.
  6. I appreciate the good work that you are doing in God’s Kingdom.
  7. The seminar is helping the church to grow. It serves as a refresher course.
  8. We are improving our skills to interact with the people of the world.
  9. I want to be powerful like Brother Richard in my preaching.
  10. It was excellent but I need more of this teaching.
  11. The seminar is helping us to learn to teach sound doctrine.
  12. Brother Richard: your presentation is good as well as your explanation.
  13. The seminar is good because you have taken difficult subjects and allowed us to understand them better.
  14. I appreciate the love that our American brethren have for the church in Cameroon.
  15. The seminar has been very useful for the growth of the church in this country because it has enlightened our leaders.
  16. These seminars have been helpful. They have contributed to the growth of our leaders.
  17. This year’s class will help many of us to share the gospel, in a kind way, with our Pentecostal friends.
  18. These seminars have been very useful for the church in Cameroon because it gives clearer meaning and understanding of the subjects treated.
  19. Thanks to Richard Sutton for his teaching. I personally benefited greatly.
  20. It is important for the growth of the church in Cameroon because you were able to explain some subjects that are very difficult.


We are doing so well and thank you for every prayer.


In Christ,

Jim Corner


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