Sunday, February 21, 2016 7:55pm-12:55pm CST

Dear All:

Whew! It has been a GREAT day! As I told you yesterday; today was the combined service of all the Douala congregations. We had 204 which was one less than last year but the contribution was 20,000 higher. The pictures below are of the entire assembly and the brothers below are Franklin and Pierre. They led the singing and they are GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Pierre is one of Jean Claude’s junior brothers. Let me begin with our ride to church. A dear brother named Godlove picked us in his Toyota Rav4 and it was as nice as any car you have ridden in. When we entered the A/C was blasting away and he told me to put on my seat belt. They now have seat belt laws and if you are caught without yours on; the police officer takes your driver’s license and you collect it at the police station once you pay a fine of 15,000 ($26.32). There are some exceptions:

  1. They do not bother the taxis because most taxis do not have workable seat belts. Actually, most do not have seat belts at all.
  2. If you bribe the officer with as little as 1,000 or 2,000 he will let you go free. I would not recommend that any of you try this in America if you get stopped by the police. That is, of course, unless you want to see the Police Station up close and personal

Traffic is light on Sunday so we arrived at 9 with the service scheduled to begin at 9:30. WE enjoyed a lot of good singing and then I taught the Bible class. We then had questions and answers followed by a prayer, a song and Ricardo was up to preach. He did SUCH a good job! I cannot begin to preach as well as him but I am happy that he is able to communicate the Word of God so well. The Linder Road Church of Christ that he serves in Meridian, ID is blessed to have him. Even more blessed to have Lori! The service took about 3 hours and then we had lunch together. They had Sausage sandwiches and drinks and it was very good. We were able to visit with plenty and then we finally climbed back in Godlove’s vehicle for our ride back to the hotel. We had him stop and filled up his tank and then he needed to get some bread for his house. We were back at the hotel by 2:30 or so. The first thing I did was take a nice cold shower and it felt so good. My room has been so good for the entire time I have been here. I then worked on 4 preacher reports with no time to relax. Ricardo and I did go down to the restaurant at 6. I had fries and rice and he had a chef salad and fries. We had to call Lucy to help us order because the employees here speak as much English as I do Japanese. I just had fries and rice and the man asked me why I didn’t like their fish or chicken. I told him I like them fine but was not that hungry. I enjoyed our meal and we talked for a couple of hours. I enjoy talking with him so much because I learn a lot. He is 5 years younger than I am but has so much more Bible knowledge and wisdom than I do. I plan to Skype with Linda soon and then relax.

Misc items:

  1. When they introduced Ricardo and me they said about me:
    1. We are going to stop calling him a missionary and simply a resident. I take that as a HIGH compliment.
    2. They also said that as soon as they turn around, I am present once more. If my beautiful wife had been in the audience she would have let out with a LOUD Amen!
  2. When we arrived this morning at the church hall we were informed that the electricity was off and it did not come back on so we were able to determine if our sweat glands were working. Well, I do not need to see a doctor about that because mine were A-OK! They also have had no water for the past 6 days. The above did not, in any way, take away from the pleasure of worshiping our God together.
  3. On the way home we spoke with Godlove about Jean Claude’s late wife, Catherine. He had told us that when Godlove and Louis Bassay were younger, Catherine would beat them at church.
    1. He said that they called her the Commando!
    2. He also said that she terrorized them!
    3. One more thing: when he was a grown man she told him that she could and would beat him if necessary. For those of us who knew Catherine; we do not doubt that for one second. That was one sister you did not mess with!

Ricardo and I continue to be blessed and healthy. We attribute that to the care of our Father and know He is listening carefully to your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner



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