Saturday, February 20, 2016 8:45pm-1:45pm CST

Dear All:

Today will be a rather short HOWDY. Traveling is work so in one respect, this is my first day of rest in 18 days. We have either been teaching, preparing to teach, preaching or on the move. Here is how the day has gone: slept in till 8:30 after another good night’s rest. When I got up I did regular stuff and then got on the computer for an hour or so. I have about 4 ‘preacher reports’ to do and some other correspondence to catch up on. I am thankful that we will not leave until next Thursday as it will allow me to get everything done that needs to be done. Ricardo and I climbed machines and went to our favorite restaurant and had a wonderful meal. Then we took a taxi downtown. Machines are not allowed there so we had to ride in a stupid taxi. There is a WWI monument that we went to see and nearby was a café/nightclub. On the left below you see Ricardo striking a pose besides the dummy. Can you tell who is who? Fortunately, I have a higher level of maturity than to stoop to that level. The picture on the right is from yesterday as Ricardo and Julien were headed to the hall. After downtown we went to a grocery store and bought a few things. Then we hopped machines to come back. My guy ran out of gas but we were only 50 yards from a petrol station so it was no problem. I then had him stop at another store to get some cheese that Ricardo likes. Before we went to the grocery store we went to a place called City Sport which is a very nice athletic store. We stayed in there for quite a while; we weren’t interested in buying anything but they had some serious A/C and it is HOT outside. It is interesting to see the various things that they carry on machines. Today I saw a guy with a large car wheel that he was holding onto; yesterday one had a 55-gallon drum tied on. The rule is that if it is smaller than a two story building; it can be carried! A few hours ago I went to Ricardo’s room and we had a really good visit. I was able to Skype with Linda and 3 of our grandkids: Junior, Alex and KB. I have gone over my lesson for tomorrow. I am teaching Bible class and Richard is doing the sermon. This is our annual combined service of the Douala congregations. I am going to watch a Rockford episode and go to bed early. We are doing well and thank you for your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


One Response to HOWDY

  1. Lori says:

    Cute guy on the left in those pix! Good job, Jim!

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