Monday, February 15, 2016 8:00pm-1:00pm CST

Dear All:

First things first: please pray for Jean Claude. Last night he could not sleep because his side was paining him severely. Some of you know that 5 or more years ago he had surgery for Kidney Stones. The first surgery did not go well as they missed one or two and they had to do a second surgery. They finally did a 3rd and I can’t remember what for. Now in March he was scheduled for another surgery to correct some problems from the first surgery. The pain from last night are more Kidney Stones on the other side. One of them went to the bladder but some are still in the Kidney. I went to the hospital with him and tomorrow he will consult with a surgeon to see the next step. They now use Ultra Sound so the surgery should be smoother but at this point in time; that is all the information I have. Please keep him in prayer.

We began as in Kumba with lower numbers for the first day. Last year the men’s class numbered 32 while today it was 25; the ladies were 25 last year but 19 today and the afternoon class was 44 last year and 35 today. Let me recount the day:

Got up at 7 after another good night’s rest. The bed is very comfortable and everything in the room is working well. The sisters meet in a room downstairs at the hotel. There are no adequate facilities at the church hall but you do not need to weep for them. Their room has A/C so they are doing just fine. I will try and get a picture either tomorrow or later in the week. Ricardo and I waited until Lucy arrived and we left at about 8:45. Took machines and it is only 5 minutes to the hall. Ricardo wanted to know if I would take some more videos on the machines as he likes the ones I have done in the past. Will try and oblige him. The first day is always special as you see brethren who you have not seen in a year. We were late getting started because Jean Claude’s pain and lack of sleep caused Mary to get him some medicine. The morning session went well but we really miss Louis Bassay. He is currently in the States and his interpretation skills are missed. Jean Claude told me that he could quickly see the vacuum that Louis left. He tried several guys today and Ricardo and I realize that we are simply going to have to talk slower. I left a bit early as I needed to get back to the hotel and give the girls their taxi money. We pay their way one-way which is about 35 cents. The brethren who come to the seminar have to fund their transportation plus lodging so we try to help every way possible. We give them 1,000 in food money each day which works out to about $1.75. I jumped in the shower to primarily get cool and it was so nice. Even though I have hot water I do not use it because the cool water is so much better. You have been in heat all morning and the specter of hot water is not inviting. Ricardo came home and we ate in his room. I got a letter from Lori and she is jealous of the great plates of food we are eating. It appears from her email that she has started mixing stuff and giving recipes to her 3 daughters and their husbands are in love again! Many from their congregation are also asking for assistance in providing these fine meals. You will be proud of me because today I gave Ricardo one of my Salisbury Steak meals and he was incredibly happy. I then walked to the “Modem” company to fill my modem. This 3G stuff is pretty cool. I then took a machine to a grocery store as there were a few things we needed. Martin and Julian are pictured below and they picked us at 2:30. Oh, when we left my class Martin put a coat on and Ricardo couldn’t believe his eyes. He asked Martin why and the reply was: I am feeling cold. My guess is the temp was 95 and for the past 3 hours Martin had been in a room with only a few ceiling fans going. On the way home we stopped and filled their tanks with Petrol. The expense to us is small but big to them and we appreciate what they do in carrying us around. After I got home Ricardo snapped the picture below in one of my African Dresses. I really like this one and it was given to me by the brethren from the North last year. The brethren here are always happy when you dress in African attire and I plan to do that for the next 3 days. Only on Friday may I revert to being an American. I was able to Skype with Linda earlier but not Charlie Brown as today is a holiday for the banks and his mother works for Bank of America. I just had a Banana Twinkie and may chew on something else. Thank you for your continued prayers and especially those for Jean Claude.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

2 Responses to HOWDY

  1. Lori Sutton says:

    Although I know you’d love to think everyone covets your African meal recipes and I’d never hurt your feelings intentionally, but I wouldn’t torture my loved ones with your “recipes”. Ricardo has no choice but to share in your crazy concoctions but we all have more sense than to combine what you do and call it food fit to eat!!! But you have way too many good qualities for this one flaw to change my high opinion of you.
    Love you anyways,

  2. Lori Sutton says:

    On the serious note, Jean Claude is top of my prayer list.

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