Sunday, February 14, 2016 6:30pm-11:30am CST

Dear All:

I must begin by saluting my loving wife. She is the backbone of this ministry and without her sacrficial nature, it could not exist. The last time that we spent Valentine’s Day together was in 1987! That’s right; since that time each February I have been in either Ghana or Cameroon. I am thankful that an ocean cannot separate our love.

Every day is a good day for the child of God. That does not mean that everything goes our way or that we do not have our share of problems. It does mean that we have the assurance of His care now and forevermore. We thank our Heavenly Father and our dear Brother Jesus for the sacrifice they made on our behalf. The day started at 7 and the electricity was off which was surprising. It was only off for a short period of time and did not impact us at all. The Lord continues to bless us in every way. I was worshipping in Mambanda today and a good brother named Cedric came and picked me. Unfortunately, we took a taxi to worship. Sunday is the only day of the week where the traffic is OK. We made it with no problems and it was good to see the brethren. This is a small, weak congregation. They are pictured top left below. The attendance today was 23 and while you cannot see that many, some were sitting behind and a few in the very front. You can see that the hall is very small and if you put 50 in there, the fire marshal would frown. Notice the entrance on the right below. This is the DRY season but you have to walk over a plank and then stones. It was a faith building experience. I asked Cedric what happens in the rainy season and he said they simply take off their shoes and walk inside the mud. I am going to check and see if we can build a bridge for them. Frederick led the song leading and it was very encouraging. I taught on Gideon for Bible class. Oftentimes a small church like this one needs to see that size does not impede God. During the sermon I spoke from Isaiah 6:1-8 to show what will lead us to share the Word of God. The male leadership in this congregation is weak and they need much prayer. Following worship Cedric and I took a taxi to Rond Point and there I caught a machine back to the hotel. I was able to take a nice shower. In Kumba I would wait until nighttime to shower because I knew that I would get sweaty again. Under the A/C in my room, I know that I can stay nice and fresh all day. Ricardo and I ate lunch in his room and I have a picture of our food below. There is something about Cameroon that makes everything more enjoyable. A/C is more enjoyable here as are Cokes, Mars Bars, showers and so much more. I was able to get the quotes copied this afternoon and some are listed below. Many others were basically duplicates but you get a good flavor of the importance of the seminar.



  1. I love your teaching because you help us understand the Word of God very well.
  2. The seminar is useful because it helps to promote our spiritual understanding of the Word.
  3. It is helpful because it unites our brethren together and helps us to train others.
  4. These seminars in Cameroon are a light to our feet. They have helped to open our brains.
  5. The seminar is very, very useful because it has brought a great change and growth to the church in Cameroon.
  6. It is useful because the attitudes of the members are changing for the better.
  7. I give congratulations to Brother Richard Sutton who has been coming to teach and encourage us.
  8. I want to see the seminars continue as they are helping to learn to teach those both within and without the church.
  9. It is beneficial because it develops our faith in the Lord.
  10. My wish is that you not relent from coming to us because we learn more and more.
  11. It is obvious that the seminar has been great.
  12. I am grateful for your endeavor.
  13. The seminar helps the leaders and teachers to have a deep insight into the Scriptures.
  14. The seminars are helpful because they update our understanding of God’s Word.
  15. Of course the seminars help our churches
  16. Not only do we learn but we are able to return and teach our brothers and sisters.
  17. If you ask me the answer is yes because it enables us to better serve God.
  18. The seminar builds our relationship with God. It removes our minds from physical things to spiritual.
  19. Yes; this is because we see our congregations grow in number and even spiritually as we apply what we are taught.
  20. This seminar is useful for the leadership in this country.
  21. I encourage you to continue to come because it has helped so much to improve my spiritual life.
  22. The seminar was useful because we learned much about tongue speaking and miracles.
  23. Wooh. What a wonderful teaching and good illustration that expands our understanding. Note: I assume that Wooh is their wow.
  24. The seminar is useful to develop an independent church in the future.


Misc items:

  1. I have a brother named Frederick who is 71 years of age. I mentioned that to Frederick the song leader and he said that my brother could be his great, great, great, great grandfather. Frederick is 27 so I think he may have listed a few too many ‘greats’!
  2. This morning the brother that spoke regarding collection noted that many denominations do not partake of the Lord’s Supper each week but he said they all take up a collection each week. Thought that was interesting and true.
  3. I was doing a report on one of the village churches this afternoon and in January their average weekly giving was 5,780. Now, don’t get excited because that is in francs and it translates to $10.14.


We are excited about tomorrow. Jean Claude told me that the brethren from the North are already here. Others are on the road and we pray that all will arrive safely. My plan for the balance of the day is;

  1. Go over my lesson for tomorrow
  2. Skype with Linda
  3. Watch a movie and have a Mars Bar and a Twinkie!

Thanks for your continued prayers.


In Christ,

Jim Corner




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