Saturday, February 13, 2016 8:30pm-1:30pm CST

Dear All:

Let me say this while I am thinking about it: usually when we are in Douala first and then move to Kumba I tell you we are finally in Africa. Well now I feel as though I am in America! I have a wonderful A/C and an even more WONDERFUL fridge that is doing precisely what it was made to do.

I am determined to get at least a little relaxation time tonight if it is the last thing I do, which it will be. Got up @ 6 and the driver was on time. We loaded with no problems and drove off at 7:10. On the way we got some bananas but nothing else. I take that back: Lucy did get some Plantain Chips. I am not a fan of Plantain but these were quite good and I will get them again. If you want to know what they taste like: they taste like Plantain Chips!

They say there is a first time for everything although I hope that is not correct. For example, I would pray there is not a first time to ‘knock over a bank’. However, I did have a first today. I rode around a golf course on a golf cart in Africa! Ricardo wanted to stop at a golf course to see if they had souvenir balls and they did. We each got a Titleist with the name of the club stamped on the ball. They dashed us the balls (that means they were free) and then the administrator carried us around the course. It appears to be large but we don’t know for sure because the distances are in meters. It is a shame that we can’t be like the rest of the world or vice-versa. I asked Makolo Luma and his family to meet us so I could get a family photo. His wife’s name is Sidonie and they have 3 darling children. They are below from l-r: Kinge, Patti and Therese. Patti is named after Patti Kent of that renown town of Muleshoe, Texas. Her husband Phil has been with me twice to Cameroon.

When we got to Bonaberi the traffic was beyond bad. There is road construction everywhere and we moved very slowly. We went a back way which could not have been much faster than the main road. I am not even going to try and describe it to you because that would require an ability I do not possess. I do want to draw your attention to the picture on the right. We dropped Mary to take some things back to her house. On that machine are two fans and 4 or 5 luggage’s plus Mary and the driver. No problem! We arrived at the hotel at noon and Jean Claude and Lucy left us. The lifter (elevator) is not working and the young man that brought our bags up was really huffing and puffing. When I was younger I would help with such stuff but at my advanced age, I let others have the pleasure. Ricardo and I took machines to our favorite restaurant. I realize that you do not want a blow by blow description of what we eat every day and that is why I comply with your wishes. Today I will make an exception: he had a salad follow by “chicken on a stick” (it has a name) and fries. I had a hamburger and fries and we split a pizza. If there are 8 slices and one of you has 5 that is a split, isn’t it? I won’t tell you who had the 5 or maybe it was 6. We then climbed machines to go to a grocery store. Needed to buy candy for the sisters on Monday and got some water and a few other things. Got back to the hotel and Ricardo had forgotten to get bug spray but I knew where a store was so I climbed and got it. I got back and started to unpack. It takes me a long time because I have a lot of stuff and I am a very neat and precise guy. It took about 90 minutes and then I took a wonderful shower. I did some correspondence regarding church buildings that we will be able to roof. Also, Ricardo came down with some WBS material that we will give to some of the preachers.

I then Skyped with the most beautiful woman in the world. What are the odds? I have my Bible class and sermon prepared for tomorrow. Oh, I am getting spoiled by the internet. My modem has worked flawlessly on this trip. I can remember pre-internet and the days when it took forever to get a connection, only to lose it. I will speak in Mambanda tomorrow and Ricardo in Dakar. Thanks for your continued prayers. Please pray for all who are on the road or fixin to get on the road to the seminar. Also, continue to pray for Vincent as he goes to the doctor on Monday.

In Christ,

Jim Corner



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