Friday, February 12, 2016 9:55pm-2:55pm CST

Dear All:

First; I have good news for Lori Sutton. As we were eating lunch today in Ricardo’s room he is following my wonderful example and mixing all kinds of food in one plate. Lori; remember when Ricardo gets home to fix such a delicious meal! I am reminded of my dear friend Terry Harlow who went to Paradise about 14 months ago. He would tell people that if they watched me eat; they needed an ‘air sickness bag’ handy. I thought that was rather crude of my good brother! Finished the English Seminar and the average attendance for the men each day was 113, the women 72 and the afternoon was 126. To compare to last year, the numbers were: men – 122; women – 99 and afternoon was 159. Please pray that those who attended were blessed and will share those blessings with their brethren. I have read many of the evaluation forms and they are very positive. Lord willing, I can give you some of the quotes within the next day or two. My attempt to get to bed last night by 11:30 fell an hour short but I slept really well. I cannot figure it out but my A/C is doing well. Regular stuff this morning and we got our machines to the church hall and arrived on time. I had to run some errands this morning so I did not get to hear all of Ricardo’s class. I am the ‘gopher’ and I know how to get around Kumba and Douala so I spend a fair amount of time on machines. I know it is a dirty job but someone has to do it! The part of his class I heard was really good and the brethren fully enjoyed the class. I believe that it was not only textually correct but his application was so good and will be beneficial to the Lord’s Church. He and I climbed machines and came back and had a wonderful meal together. It is a shame that we did not take a photo of our plates as you would have been so encouraged although it may have led to the sin of envy. I then did some correspondence and preparation for my class. I had been handed a number of questions and most were in the ‘difficult’ arena which is easy to understand, given my subject matter. Ricardo and I climbed machines back to the hall and got there about 10 minutes early. Some of the brethren have traveled from far so they asked if we could cut the class by one hour. I answered about 8 questions and the session went well. Many of the brethren told me to tell ALL of the brethren in America “hi” but I don’t think the whole church is following my blog. Well, for those of you who are: GREETINGS! We snapped a bunch of pictures and headed back. Got back to the hotel around 6:15 and started packing as we will depart for Douala at 7 in the morning with the loading to commence at 6:30. Ricardo and I went down and had a Coke. Well, he is a diabetic and had water while I described for him how wonderfully delicious my Coke was. The Bible says to ‘rejoice with those who rejoice’ and I wanted him to be happy. I had a good shower earlier. This cold water really feels good. To get an idea of what Cameroon is like in the dry season just picture Dallas in August and you have no A/C in your house or in your car or anywhere you go. I actually prefer the dry season because of the laundry. In June when you get your laundry back it is often damp because the only ‘dryer’ they have is the Sun and during the rainy season; the Sun is often hiding behind the clouds. During February there are no such problems. It is hotter but for the most part, I don’t notice it.

Misc items:

  1. Ricardo and I were talking today about our grandkids and how they can tire of a toy at Christmas very quickly. Well, I know I have mentioned this before but my keyboard on this computer that lights up is SO NEAT! I think I may marvel at it for a long time.
  2. We were also talking about how Cameroon really puts things into perspective regarding our wealth. For example, he said that he has a really large and nice bedroom at home but when he gets back from the seminar, the bed here with the cold A/C seems better!
  3. My A/C did pretty well today although for the past couple of hours the current comes and goes (never completely) but the temperature is fine. I have a fan blowing directly on me so all is OK.
  4. The brother below is named Offiong Inyang and is a great gospel preacher. He suffered a stroke some years ago and they thought he would never walk but he can with the help of a cane. He is truly an inspiration to us.
  5. You will see the girls on the right. They are a joy to be around.
  6. This morning I felt the waist band of my trousers and it felt funny but I did not give it a second thought. Then when I got back to the hotel for break I noticed a fastener I had never seen. When I got to the hall this afternoon I went over to Jean Claude and asked if they were his. He looked at me and said: “JIIIIIMMMM”. I can’t type the sound he made but it was priceless.
  7. I made up a “care package” of different things for Jean Claude, Mary and Lucy. I am so blessed and it is a joy to share these blessings with these dedicated saints.

We have truly been blessed by the Lord this week. Everyone feels fine, the accommodations have been wonderful and being with our dear brethren has been the greatest joy. You are having a big impact on this seminar with your daily prayers and we are thankful.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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