Thursday, February 11, 2016 9:50pm-2:50pm CST

Dear All:

Full disclosure: you remember that line in yesterday’s HOWDY about the Snickers and Mars Bars? I think I said something to the effect that I was not going to eat either of them but in the immortal words of George Washington: “I ate the candy.” I actually read that quote at Mt. Vernon when I visited years ago! While my brain is thinking about it I need to share this: when I came home for the noon break my system received a shock. Normally that would not be considered a good thing but this was a GREAT thing as my room was actually cool! I am talking ‘major league’ nice. Then when I came home this evening it was still cool! Am I dreaming? If so, please don’t wake me up. I assume many of you get tired of my fluff but as you can see, I am not a deep thinker or writer.

Attendance today was 117 men, 69 women and 130 in the afternoon. Last year the men were 122, women 104 and afternoon 163.

Got up at 7 after a good night’s rest. When I saw Vincent this morning I was happy to hear he slept well because he told me last night that he had not been sleeping well. The activities between 7 and 8:30 when we leave are pretty mundane and that is why I don’t mention them. Not even I am so fluffy as to tell you that I shaved and brushed my teeth! FYI: I do brush my teeth once a week whether they need it or not! I don’t understand electricity nor how the current works in Kumba but at night things get better and generally it Is cool during the night. Unfortunately, I am sleeping so I don’t get to enjoy the cool. Well, I guess sleep is better than cool. This morning we passed out the evaluation sheets which will be turned in tomorrow. I went over to the Ladies class and the picture below is about half of the class. Some are in a cubby hole to the right; others even farther back and some on the veranda. Lucy and Mary were pleased with their class. Richard did a great job. As you know, he is taking parts of the Sermon on the Mount and today he was in Matthew 7:1-6 regarding judging. Some of these guys are masters at saying we shouldn’t judge and being expert judgers at the same time. Is that what the word ‘bilingual’ means? I met with representatives of the churches we will work with in June. I then took a machine to get some water at the grocery store but the stores are all closed for National Youth Day. I would love to have a video of the crowd we had to meander through on the machine. Just thankful I was not in a taxi. Went to a Petrol station and was able to collect the water. As stated above; I was so surprised and happy when I entered my room. I knocked Ricardo’s room just to let him know I was here but I did not eat any lunch as I wanted to get ahead of my correspondence. Did 9 letters last night along with everything else and received 5 more requests this morning. OK; I guess I had better confess now instead of waiting until tomorrow. I did have an Oreo Sandwich in which I took the cream from 6 and made it into one. I read somewhere that when you do it that way; it removes some of the calories. I got a lot of work done on break and am caught up on correspondence. Have a few things to do tonight but might get in bed by 11:30. My class went well and I finished the material today. Tomorrow will be questions and answers. I felt much better about the “miracle” part of my class than the “tongue speaking” part. I do believe that the Tongue Speaking is a more challenging subject. After class one of the brothers who is very sharp said that when he first saw the material for my class; he was not happy. He wondered how it could be of any benefit but he is now pleased with the class. We got machines back to the hotel and had supper at 7. This will be our last supper here as tomorrow Ricardo and I will eat in his room for lunch and we will be packing tomorrow night. Jean Claude messed up (in Mary’s view) with her order tonight and it was interesting to listen to them. Ricardo started laughing and said it was like in the States where the husband finally has to say: “I’m sorry honey”. I forgot to tell you that this morning we had a new interpreter who I have known for many years. He is not a small man and Jean Claude said: “the big fat boy will interpret”. They say things in public like that here and no one is bothered. All of us went down to the restaurant to have a Cole tonight and we enjoyed our time together. I will Skype with Charlie Brown and Grandma later and then take my shower. Please pray that we have a successful conclusion tomorrow.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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