Wednesday, February 10, 2016 11: 10pm-4:10pm CST

Dear All:

When I am in the States I think: I can’t wait to get to Cameroon and relax. When I am in Cameroon I think: I can’t wait to get to the States and relax. It is good to be tired as a Christian. I brought a bunch of movies and TV shows with me but don’t know when I will get to see them. Let me give you the numbers and then get into the blog. Men were 121 versus 114 last year; women were 85 versus 108 last year and the afternoon class was 127 versus 159 in 2015. The numbers are increasing and part of that increase today was because of National Youth Day which is tomorrow. It is a national holiday and some people get more than one day off so it is possible that we will have a big group tomorrow. Time will tell. Here is the day:

Awoke at 6:35 to get ready for the day. Denis Asikpo, who I have mentioned in an earlier HOWDY came over for a visit this morning. We then climbed machines and were at the hall with no trouble. I immediately climbed another machine to go and have copies made of the evaluation forms we will pass out tomorrow. We will collect them on Friday but it will probably be Saturday or Sunday before I can share them with you. Friday will be a hectic day as we finish. Ricardo had another excellent class today but that is the only kind he has. I met with the sisters who conduct the Village Seminars to teach sisters. These ladies are amazing and such a blessing to the Kingdom. I then climbed a machine back to the hotel and shared a GREAT meal with Ricardo. We alternate our eating and will eat at the restaurant tomorrow. Got back to the hall at 2:45 and we started singing and then my class began at 3. There are some REALLY good song leaders both here and in Douala so the singing is GREAT. Today we focused on Miracles and I felt better about the class today. I may finish tomorrow and if so we will have questions and answers on Friday which could be quite interesting. Had some positives comments from brethren about the class as we were leaving. Vincent came back to the hotel with me as I needed to discuss a number of things with him. One was his health and financial condition as it applies to that and to look at the June Itinerary. I love this man and always am pleased to be with him. We went down to the restaurant and had a COLD, I mean COLD Coke and it was so good. I also discussed many requests for roofs from various brethren and he then went down to see Ricardo for a few minutes. I did some work and here came Ricardo as we had some things to discuss. While we were talking the power went out but no problem as our mouths do not require electricity. It was off for about 30 minutes and has been on since. I then replied to 9 letters and am just now getting to slow down. Have not had a chance to shower but will do that soon. I will Skype Linda and Charlie Brown in about 30 minutes.

Misc items:

  1. In Ricardo’s class yesterday he said the following: do you hear American news and the Pidgeon translation was: do you hear CNN?
  2. His class is called the Manifesto of a King and they translate manifesto as constitution which is descriptive. Pidgeon is a language that has a small vocabulary and many words simply do not translate word for word.
  3. You may find the following hard to believe but my wife and children will confirm:
    1. I never get hungry. Now, for those who have seen me eat they might question that but it is true.
    2. Once I am full, I stay full for a long time. For example, I last ate over 10 hours ago and am still full. There is a Mars Bar and a Snickers in my fridge but I don’t plan to eat either.
  4. The A/C in here is quite interesting. If you place your hand in front of it the air is cold. The windows are all closed but it is anything but cold in here.
  5. The picture below is of Andrew and Evelyn Meliki. He is the preacher for the Small Ekombe Church of Christ and does a GREAT job.

We are all healthy and do not take your prayers for granted. I don’t know if I will have time to check email tonight so if you wrote, please be patient.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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