Monday, February 8, 2016 8:30pm-1:30pm CST

Dear All:

While I am thinking about it; the current here is something else. The electricity is flowing but at a ‘snail’s pace’. The A/C is running but for all practical purposes, it might as well be off. I have my fan blowing right on me at the highest speed and I can see the blades turning! I am not complaining, only reporting. I am thankful that there is a breeze on me. OK, here is the day:

Got up at 6:30 after a good night’s rest. The power was not as strong as last night but the room was still cool enough. Did various things to get ready and then we all hopped machines to the hall. Got there in about 5 minutes with no problems, only joy. I truly cannot convey how much I LOVE the seminar. I enjoy the teaching so much and the fellowship in an even greater way. The numbers were down from the first day last year. Today we had 100 men as opposed to 106 last year; 60 women as opposed to 89 and 135 in the afternoon class as opposed to 156 last year. I am aware that numbers are nothing more than a simple gauge and the reality of the success of the seminar is what the brethren do once they return to their congregations. I may have told you but the seminars in Douala and Kumba reach leaders who represent roughly 75% of the members in the ENTIRE country. Let me add this: if you find me repeating myself from time to time just chalk it up to old age. Richard’s class is entitled: The Manifesto of a King and is taken from parts of the Sermon on the Mount. He is such an excellent teacher and a greater communicator. The brethren love him so much and with good reason. I actually did not leave the hall all morning to hop a machine to run any errands. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day! At noon Ricardo and I returned and ate lunch in his room. As with all of my trips: I will give you one recipe. You see; I have people email me during the year and ask me for advice regarding my culinary delights. Richard Blaisdell says that his wife is a “so-so” cook but I have tasted her cooking and I think he is giving her the benefit of the doubt. It may be his heart and not his palate doing the speaking. At any rate; the few good meals she does cook come from my recipes as she is constantly asking for help. Well; here goes regarding my meal today and how to prepare it: Take the Hormel Compleats with Meatloaf & mashed potatoes (it says microwave but DO NOT do that as it cooks out the vitamins, minerals and taste). Add a half can of kernel corn, a can of Beenee Weenees, a single slab of Spam, some Laughing Cow cheese and crumble in crushed Pringles (any flavor you like) and one cracker with chives. Mix thoroughly as though you were tossing a salad and eat at room temperature. You know, I actually think my cooking trumps airplane food and may explain why Delta, American and United have all inquired if I would go to work for them. Southwest even told me that they would start serving food if I would enter their employ but I think I will stick to preaching. Cooking is just a side passion of mine. After lunch I came back to my room and went over my lesson. On the way back to the hall I was not a ‘happy camper’ because we had to take a stupid taxi instead of a machine. To be quite honest; I was not that happy with my class this afternoon. I am teaching on Tongue Speaking and Miracles and the subject matter is the most challenging I have ever had. After a few days I will get a feel as to how the brethren are liking the class. There is so much Pentecostalism in Cameroon that it is a timely subject; my fear is that we need a better teacher than myself. The picture below is of the men’s class this morning. I hope to get more pictures tomorrow. The first day is hectic with people arriving all morning and I help with getting them name tags, seminar book, paper and pen. This morning at 9:00 we had 20 in the hall; at 9:30 the number had grown to 52 and by 10:00 we had 66. As stated above, by noon the number was 100. Tomorrow we should grow if history repeats itself. I just got excited because the fan got stronger and the lights got brighter and then BOOM; no electricity. Hopefully they will power the generator soon. One of the many blessings of Kumba is that when we get back to Douala we will think we are in the States! The hotel is playing with my emotions because the power just came on for 5 seconds; then went off and is now on and blowing quite nicely. The lights are so bright that I need some sun glasses. I am fixin to go take a shower and will Skype with Linda in a couple of hours once Charlie Brown is there.

Misc Items:

  1. I am envious of Ricardo’s room. Man, when you go in there you need a Parka!
  2. This afternoon before I got up the preacher at Kumba Town gave a welcome speech. Ricardo turned to me and said: “he’s wearing a jacket” with great surprise. He was wearing a jacket and we were sweating like stuck pigs in our short sleeved shirts!
  3. After my class we were walking away and here came Jean Claude and some of his comrades and he said: we are going to do some serious eating which translated means: we are fixin to stuff our faces and belly’s until we drop!
  4. I forgot to tell you that the other day in Douala we saw a foreign car. Yep; a Ford! Don’t see many of those over here.
  5. I still can’t get over how much I LOVE my lit keyboard. It is really coming in handy now.

We are doing well and thank you for your continued prayers. Oh, please pray for Nsah Vincent who went to a Lung Specialist in Douala today. I just spoke with him and there was no definitive diagnosis and the doctor wants him to return next Monday.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

P.S.: The power just went off!

P.S.S.: Someone is playing with my emotions as the power just came on. As I shower I will know EXACTLY where my flashlight is!

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