Sunday, February 7, 2016 7:20-12:20pm CST

Dear All:

Had a great Lord’s day! Here is how it unfolded: during the night the power surged and it was so cold this morning that I had to turn off the A/C. Then about 7am the power went off and stayed off until 6. The hotel has a generator but they don’t see fit to run it so my A/C room and my fridge do not exist. I did some work this afternoon in a room with no ventilation but plenty of stifling heat. I kept a shirt at my feet to wipe my sweat with! Linda told me last night that she was freezing to death so we are balancing each other out! They finally turned on the generator at 6. My room is fairly cold and the fan is working so all is well. Jean Claude and I climbed machines at 8 to take me to the park where I would get a machine to Small Ekombe on my way to Bai Manya. The trip was about 1 hour each way and we are talking SERIOUS dust! In fact, it was so dusty that at times you would slide as though you were on mud and once we temporarily got stuck in the dirt! I had been told not to wear a white shirt to church which is good because that is what I had planned to do. Once I got there my black shoes and black socks matched my brown trousers. Had a marvelous worship. You can see the congregation below. Had 65 in attendance. I taught both the Sunday school and sermon. The giving was interesting in this respect: after the brother spoke and prayed for the offering they took a chair and placed it in the front of the hall. Then they placed the basket there and everyone walked up and gave their contribution. Oh, let me briefly return to when Jean Claude and I left. I knocked Ricardo’s door but got no answer. Jean Claude said: “don’t worry about him because he is coming with Mary and Lucy. Women do not mess around and if he is not ready, they will cane him.” Unfortunately, he was ready but not quite. The girls left without him as they thought he had already gone. Fortunately, he knew the name of the street so he climbed a machine and got there with no problem. Did some work on the computer when I got back and then around 4 the 5 of us put the name tags together for Kumba and Douala. I keep forgetting to tell you things: when I walked in from my journey back the girls saw me and laughed and said I had a brown beard. Supper was at 5 and it was so good. We always enjoy the camaraderie at the supper table. I am fixin to go over my lesson for tomorrow. Will Skype Linda later.

I know that you have heard this before but here goes: Cameroon truly teaches one to be thankful. Last night as I lay in bed with no A/C I realized that the room I have is like the Waldorf Astoria to many in Kumba. God truly is blessing and blessing us. Also, after worship this morning we went to the home of the preacher. His wife’s name is Hannah and she needs serious prayer. She has Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, some type of Gastric problem and a few other things. Also continue to pray for Simon Parfait. I spoke with him last night and found out that the eye surgery he needs can only be done in Europe. He runs the risk of losing his eyesight. I want to learn more about cost and hopefully we can help him.

We are doing well and thank you for your prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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