Saturday, February 6, 2016 9:45pm-2:45pm CST

Dear All:

It has been a great, long and tiring day. I am writing from a parlor with no A/C because Jean Claude just sprayed my room for mosquitos and I have to stay out for 10 minutes or so. You rarely see mosquitos so this is just a precaution. Here is the recap of the day:

Got up at 6:50 intending to depart at 8. Called Jean Claude at 7:45 and they were still in Bonaberi because of heavy traffic. I called Richard’s room and we went down for some bread and a couple of hard boiled eggs. As we were finishing Jean Claude showed up so a few guys helped us with our stuff. You would think we were moving a small army. Traffic was a bit slow but not too bad and we made it to Buea (1/2 way) and dumped Mary. You see, Jim Ella and Linda (2 of their kids) are schooling there and today is parent visitation day. We moved on and arrived in Kumba at about 12:15. Went to a local grocery store to primarily buy things for the Orphanage. I have written about it before. A dear sister named Dinah has 42 children ranging in age from 4 months to 16 or something like that. We bought 4 large bags of rice which you see be wheeled down in the first picture below. We also bought powdered milk, cooking oil and most importantly, candy. I told the children that candy is bad for you but did not receive as much as a single AMEN. We then went to another part of the orphanage which is a ways away and where the older boys live. The slope you see below is what we had to travel down to get to the place. It was challenging both ways but the good news is that I have my exercise don through April 22! The picture of the children is but a small sampling of the entire group. When we initially arrived at the hotel we checked in and everything was working fine. Accept the fridge in my room would not work so they sent another and it appears to be doing OK. My bedroom is nearly as hot as the parlor as the A/C is not doing its job. Expecting to sweat some tonight but that is OK. Oh, we picked Lucy at the grocery store as she had ridden in from Mamfe. It was such a joy to see her. Please pray for her husband John who is having significant health problems. We had supper and it was wonderful. Everyone liked their meal. Not as good as ‘air plane food’ or my wonderful concoctions but it was mighty fine. Came back up and finished unpacking. I just moved back into my bedroom and there is a fan which is nice. One other thing: I took a shower earlier and the water was too warm. I actually was hoping for a cold shower. Jean Claude and I went down and had a Coke and a good visit. I still need to Skype with Linda. Tomorrow I am preaching in the village of Bai Manya which is one of the villages where we support a brother who goes there on weekends. With the light as dim as it is (you have electrical power surges) my lit up computer keyboard is very nice. I just checked the fridge and don’t expect anything cold until tomorrow. We are all doing well and thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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