Friday, February 5, 2016 6:15pm-11:15am CST

Dear All:

Before I go any further: I have a prayer request for Simon Parfait. He is a dear brother who preaches for the Nkobang Church of Christ in Yaoundé. He has a severe eye problem and has been told that worst case scenario; he could go blind. He has gone to get treatment recently and is doing small better. I have tried to call him the past two days but no answer. He is a great brother who has been unable to preach for the past 3 months. Thank you for praying for him.

Slept well and long last night. Got to bed around midnight and slept till 9:30. This will be my last chance to sleep in for some time. Jean Claude went to the bank before he came here and we (Jean Claude, Mary, Ricardo & I) went to the store that we went to yesterday This was so Mary could get stuff for her and Lucy. The picture on the left below is of the Three Stooges at the store. You can see that it is a really nice store. I was unhappy because we took a taxi and not a machine. There has to be a rational reason why someone would take a taxi over a machine but I haven’t heard it yet. After we got back we dumped our stuff and went to eat. As always, the meal was wonderful. The fellowship we share with our Cameroonian brethren is a HUGE blessing. From the restaurant Jean Claude and Ricardo went to the Post Office to get some postcards. Richard bought a bunch yesterday but found out he needed two bunches. Mary and I climbed machines and came back to the hotel. We had a nice visit and shortly thereafter Jean Claude and Ricardo returned. Then Ricardo came to my room and we discussed a number of things. I enjoy being with him soooooooooooo much! His wonderful, fantastic, beautiful and marvelous wife is retiring this summer and will be able to come back in February of 2018, Lord willing. Next February Louise will be here and that is a blessing to the sisters here. I am full from lunch so doubt if I will eat anything tonight. We will start loading around 8 in the morning for our journey to Kumba. Will arrive there, with the help of the Lord, around noon. We plan to visit the orphanage @ 3. Due to the generous gifts of different brethren; we are going to be able to give 20 Bibles to the children who can read; give them plenty rice, milk and other food stuffs and purchase clothing for all of them. I haven’t figgered out if I will Skype Linda before Charlie Brown gets out of school because I would like to see that little kid. Oh, my son-in-law will love this: yesterday one of the sisters asked me which of the grandchildren he is! The other picture below is of Stephanie and Beatrice. They work at the front desk of the hotel. I have known Beatrice for well over 15 years as she used to work at another hotel we stayed at. Stephanie has only worked here a relatively short time.

Misc items:

  1. Lori (Richard’s wonderful, fantastic, beautiful and marvelous wife) (I sure hope she gets my blogs) emailed Richard and he read it to me. The last line said: Take it easy…remember you don’t have African blood in you like Jim does!!!!! I took that as a GREAT compliment.
  2. As most of you know: I buy candy for the sisters to have each day in the seminar and once a week buy them a Coke. I never buy the men anything and Jean Claude told me today that the sisters tell them. They will say: today we had candy or today we had a Fanta. He said it in a very snooty way! I think that is so funny.
  3. We went to the store today and saw James Baana who is a brother in Christ. He is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army and has an armed guard travel with him with a very large rifle! That is standard procedure for the ‘big dogs’.
  4. I am hoping that my A/C in Kumba does not work as well as the one here. You see, I am nearly freezing to death!
  5. Oh, in my blog yesterday I told you that I did not plan to eat last night. That was before I saw a package of Tuna on the shelf and it was crying out to me. REALLY!!! So I enjoyed a Coke Light, Tuna and Oreos.

Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


One Response to HOWDY

  1. Lori Sutton says:

    Of course I read your blogs! And don’t think that flattery will get you anywhere, but it really does help!! Praying for you and Richard to have the best trip ever !
    Love you,

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