Sunday, November 01, 2015 8:00pm-1:00pm CST

Dear All:

I want to begin with a prayer request. Jean Claude’s second child, Jim Ella, is suffering with Hemorrhoids and will see a specialist on Tuesday. Please pray that this is something that can be dealt with via medicine. She is schooling in Buea and on Tuesday Jean Claude and Mary will go there to take her to a specialist. From what I can gather it has reached a stage where simple ointment will not do the job. I pray that I am wrong so please keep her in prayer. She has been in significant pain for some days now.

Daylight savings time must have started because my computer is showing that there is now 7 hours difference.

Today was a highly profitable and enjoyable day, For years and years and years I have been looking in Cameroon for a “bad day” but have been unsuccessful in finding one. This is one of those times where it is good to be a failure. I must begin with the greatest blessing of the day. After worship this morning I was privileged to teach Elias and Patience and both of them were baptized into Jesus. Bonaberi is one of the few congregations that have a baptistery which is outside. As stated before; sometimes you have a good feeling and other times not so good about a baptism. These appear to be very serious.

Here is how the day started: I messed up (my first mistake since my last one) and did not set my alarm correctly. After doing a few things I Iooked at my watch and saw I only had 10 minutes to get ready. I am just glad I am a man and not a woman or I would still be getting ready! I pray there are no women reading this blog! Martin came to pick me and I was only 5 minutes late but his greeting was: you are not respecting time which means: “you’re late”. He said it with a smile and off we went. We arrived about 15 minutes early and started on time. I had mentioned a couple of days ago that I had not noticed any heat but I did today when we were waiting to begin. It wasn’t all that hot but there was no ventilation and the air was very stuffy. There was also a brother in a suit and that only led me to sweat more. Their song leader today was a brother I have known for many years by the name of George. He does an excellent job. After a number of songs and a prayer I taught the Bible class. A brother named Victor translated for me and did a good job. He just recently got engaged and has a lovely fiancé. They have a timekeeper for both the Bible class and sermon. He will hold up a sign that says 30 minutes and then one that says 10 minutes and then one that says Stop. I actually stopped before my allotted time and we then had questions and answers. This time I went beyond the Stop sign but it was the fault of those asking questions! I also preached and the entire service was very uplifting. At the end of the service they ask the visitors to stand and give their name and where they hail from. When I stood up Victor said that I was a Cameroonian. It was then that I taught Elias and Patience. After the baptism I spoke with Gerald (one of the leading members) about a few things. He had some questions for me and we had a good discussion. Two weeks ago I taught a young woman named Adelle. She was not baptized but has been coming faithfully so please keep her in prayer. It had started raining but we climbed Martin’s machine. I am glad he has a large umbrella. It did not keep all of the rain away but a good portion. The journey was exciting and I will speak about it in more detail below. When I got back to the hotel I called Jean Claude and he spoke with the restaurant to order my supper. They speak as much English as I do Swahili so I need someone to speak on my behalf. The food was excellent and then I came back to my room to prepare for another meeting. I met with 5 sisters who are involved in leading the seminars to teach sisters how to teach children. They are below and from left to right are: Gisele, Glory, Pauline, Mary and Gladys. They are great servants and it was a joy to spend some time with them.

Let me address the word marvel. Only the Lord knows how many hours I have spent on machines and how many miles I have logged. To be sure: the numbers would be high. You would think that by this time I would no longer have the word marvel in my vocabulary. What I mean is this: I would no longer say how “I marvel at the ability of the machine drivers”. The reality, however, is that I do marvel at their expertise. Martin is a FANTASTIC driver!!! The main road in Bonaberi to the church hall is Washington Street. If it was a tar road the journey would be 2 minutes at the most. Instead, it takes about 10 minutes. I am glad you asked why so long: 1) There are 2,394,039 potholes in a mile stretch (I counted them). 2) They are strategically placed where you have to meander all over the road unless you want to be bouncing and bouncing and bouncing. 3) It had rained so there were significant puddles and a few ‘rivers’ to cross. The ‘rivers’ put you in prayer mode because the water is dirty so you can’t see what is beneath you. The reality is that Martin did just fine and we did not even come close to falling. I must confess I enjoyed the ride in Bonaberi because the traffic was somewhat heavy today and we got to do our sidewalk maneuver as well as going on the wrong side of the road. I just love heavy traffic and it is fascinating to see how Martin manages the traffic. If I had a nickel for every time I got within an inch of a vehicle or pedestrian I would never have to ask for support again!

The picture on the right below is a chair that is in the lobby of the hotel. I don’t think it is for sitting but decoration. Jean Claude will come in the morning and we have some things to do. I will Skype Linda in a bit. I am doing well and continue to give the Lord thanks for you.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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