Saturday, October 31, 2015 6:30pm-12:30pm CST

Dear All:

Yesterday must have been an anomaly. Actually, I don’t know what anomaly means but it sounds good! At any rate, I feel great today with no tiredness of any kind. I slept until 9 this morning and slept straight through. I spent most of the morning reading. I then walked to the company that has my modem to make sure that I still had plenty of time left. The hotel sent a man up to check my A/C as the fan was not working well and he fixed it. Also, the hot water wasn’t working and he fixed it as well. Two more small blessings that are very nice. I then worked on our village work regarding 5 villages we work with on the English side. The fact that I was here and not out allowed me to get a number of other things done that typically would be reserved for the night or when I get back to the States. One of the reasons why I extended this trip was for that very reason. I then climbed a machine to go to a restaurant to get a carry-out order. Saturdays and Sundays are not nearly as much fun on a machine because the traffic is lighter. Nothing remotely exciting happens but I still prefer them to a taxi. I watched an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger while I ate. I am ready for tomorrow and am looking forward to a good day. Please pray that the Lord will bless my teaching and preaching for the church and then any prospects I teach.

We all understand that many words are relative and let me share some with you from a Cameroonian context:

1. Cold – if you are in Bamenda which has a high elevation; the people who live in Douala will wear coats and still be cold. I will wear short sleeves and feel fine.

2. Large – my hotel room could be considered large by Cameroonian standards as there are families who live in a smaller space.

3. Close – some would consider another vehicle within 6 inches as being close but us Cameroonians realize that is a vast distance.

4. Pleasant shower – some require that a shower be enclosed with hot water while we understand that even though the water goes on the floor and is cold, it gets us clean and is therefore, pleasant.

5. Plenty of electrical outlets – in the States we are spoiled with more outlets than we could ever use while here you realize 2 are real nice.

6. Adequate # of TV channels – in the States we need at least 358 while here 4 is plenty. FYI: I don’t ever turn on a TV here.

7. Plenty of choices at a restaurant – in the States it takes 20 minutes to pour over the menu to determine what you want where here there are a handful of choices so the decision making process is helped.

8. Lavish hotel room – if you have traveled in the States you have your definition but here if you have A/C and water you are in tall cotton.

Oh, I Skyped with Linda last night and found out that our oldest son Robin had lost his job. Please pray that he can secure another one. I have tried to call Linda a couple of times already but she has caller ID and hasn’t answered. I think I have taken a picture like the one on the left before. When I think of Ghana when I went there first in 1988 I am amazed that I have a computer, printer, fridge and two phones being charged. I told you about Martin sleeping on his machine yesterday and the picture is below. I feel GREAT and thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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