Tuesday, October 27, 2015 6:25:pm-12:25pm CST

Dear All:

Where to begin; I guess I will get my complaining out of the way first. The commode in my hotel has a toilet seat which is very irritating. I asked the manager if I could remove it and he had the brass to say no! This will be so uncomfortable but I will persevere. Now that I have that out of my system let us return to the start of the day. I got up at 6:45 with an 8am departure time which we made. Trip to Yaounde was fine. Oh, the A/C that was fixed last night wasn’t but they gave me a fan and it was OK. This time of year there is not significant heat. The reality is that I have not felt hot a single time. We have clearly left the village and come to the city. Yaounde is somewhere around a million people and I think they were all in taxis on the road we were on today! We stopped at a Petrol Station to buy a few things for the driver. I enjoy sharing with those who carry us and I know that the little we give is much to them. Simon (will mention him below) met us at the hotel and then he took us to the bank and store. He has a nice car and it was enjoyable being with him. The grocery store we went to is named Casino. There is one like it in Douala and it is a very nice place. There are many ‘American’ products that you can buy such as Double Stuff Oreos, Coke Light, Twix and Snickers. Others as well but I just wanted to highlight the important ones. The two primary troublemakers in the church in Ebolowa were members at Simon’s church before they moved. They are new converts who think they know everything (adult teenagers). It took a while to unpack but the job is finished. Anyone who thinks that traveling is exotic and exciting needs to have their head examined. I travel because of what the Lord is able to do through us. Jean Claude and I had supper and my spaghetti was as good as any I have ever had. Olive Garden would take a back seat to this plate of food. I will Skype Grandma and Charlie Brown in about 3 hours. I will work on tomorrow’s sermon and then relax. Simon is going to pick us at 9:15 and we pray that the day will be profitable. We will have worship at 5.

Miscellaneous Items

1. You may or may not have a favorite food. I know that I do not but I do have some “favorites”. For example, Linda is my favorite person in the whole world. The fact that she is beautiful, smart and fantastic has something to do with that. At any rate; it is unlikely that you have a favorite fridge but I do and it is in my room in Yaounde. I put a Coke Zero in the freezer and within 2 hours I had to remove it before it exploded.

2. In Yaounde today we saw a taxi driver who thought he was driving a machine. Let me explain; there was a long line of cars and they were dutifully waiting to move when a red car decided he would pull a “machine stunt” and started driving upstream. Actually, I was impressed and would like to ride with him some day. He is my kind of guy!

3. The preacher at the congregation we will work with is a brother named Simon Parfait. His wife’s name is Nadedge and they are an outstanding couple. BTW: she is pregnant and should deliver in January. They have 3 children: Herman (13), Daniel (10) & Esther (3). Either Jean Claude or Simon said that Daniel was supposed to be the retirement child which piqued my imagination. I found out that the retirement child is supposedly the last kid so, of course, Daniel did not prove to be such a child nor did Esther. It will be interesting to find out when Simon and Nadedge go on retirement!

4. As I have stated on this trip; I am fully aware that physical comfort is not nearly as important as focusing on the spiritual. That does not, however, release us from saying THANK YOU to the Lord. This hotel is really nice. Below you will see 3 important pictures: 1) my A/C which works REALLY good!!!!!! 2) My beautiful fridge which I have already discussed. 3) Last and definitely the least of the 3 is a nice bed. If I had to give up one of them it would be the bed and the floor would be fine.

5. I mentioned the internet a couple of days ago but am still so pleased because I have connected the first time every time and there have been no problems whatsoever.

Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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  1. Jerry and Janie Klein says:

    Nice accommodations!

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