Sunday, October 25, 2015 6:45pm-12:45pm CST

Dear All:

Do you remember when your first child was born or even better; your first grandchild! The joy was immense but cannot compare to when one is born again. On the left below is the “baptistery” in Ebolowa. It takes a long time to fill it! I have baptized in the Atlantic Ocean so this is not the largest baptistery I have ever seen but certainly one of them. Below is a picture of Grace and David. Grace was already a child of God but we then taught David and he is now our brother. I had two studies today and both were baptized. The other one is a girl of about 25 years named Marie. Both studies went very well and I am confident of them. The overriding problem is the stability of the church which I will discuss later.

Day began at 7:15. Last night before I went to bed my A/C started dropping ice. This typically means it is freezing up and once it is totally frozen, you have no A/C for about 24 hours. The manager came up and said that he thought it would work through the night and he was right. He also said he would have a technician come out today which I doubted since it is Sunday. Unfortunately, I was correct. As I write, it is working and I also have a fan as a back-up. Now where was I; oh, left the hotel around 8:45 on machines. They are not nearly as exciting here as the traffic is not bad so you don’t get to climb sidewalks or drive on the wrong side of the road or any of that other cool stuff. We arrived at 9 and were the only ones there except for the two former preachers, Andenge and Fossi. By former they are no longer supported but still serve the Lord. We ended up starting around 9:15. Both my Sunday school lesson and sermon were aimed at developing surrendered lives. At supper Jean Claude and I discussed the future of this church and we agree that it is not rosy. There is a tremendous lack of leadership. Within the past year two families came in that had a Charismatic background and really disturbed the church. If you are not clapping, shouting and basically going nuts in worship; you don’t have the Spirit. We are truly concerned for David and Marie and pray that they will grow. We went and visited one of the backsliders who had caused the trouble. We might as well have been talking to trees. He maintains that there is not a single good church in all of Cameroon because we are not behaving as the Charismatics do. He believes that if you are in a dead church you need to leave. We pointed out Sardis as an example of a dead church. Jesus did not tell the faithful to come out but for all to repent who were living outside of the will of God. We also looked at Corinth which was one messed up church. Once again, Paul did not condone any sin but did not tell the faithful to leave. I really worry about this brother and his wife. In so many of our studies we see the harm that emotion causes. There are many tied to beliefs that they know nothing about. Baptism is such a good example; there is not a more simple and plain teaching in all of Scripture that baptism is immersion. It is similarly clear that the following is true: sins are removed at baptism, entrance into Jesus occurs at baptism, being added to the church by God takes place at baptism and salvation does as well. Nevertheless, when ones emotions are in control, reason has no chance.

We then came back to the hotel for supper. It was very good and being with Jean Claude is a treat. Last night Jean Claude told me that if an old man falls and a child laughs, the parents are punished. The only thing that troubled me was that he was looking directly at me! It does not appear that we will have many prospects tomorrow. Jean Claude is going to the house of Fossi to discuss tomorrow with him and Andenge. I plan to take a shower and Skype Linda later. One more thing: I am suffering with Double Stuff Oreos. Life is tough in Cameroon! Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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