Saturday, October 24, 2015 8:20pm-2:20pm CST

Dear All:

Good day and here are the details. Got up at 6 after another good night’s rest with a 7am departure time and we were on time. We drove from Bafang to Yaounde in about 4 ½ hours which is pretty good time. The road is good and there was not a lot of traffic. Now, Yaounde is a different proposition regarding the ‘traffic thing’. Went to a store to buy a few things and then dropped a Post Card in the mail to a sweet 11 year old girl in Moses Lake, WA. We were in Yaounde for about an hour and most of that was traffic. We made it to Ebolowa around 2:30 or so. We are in a nice hotel and I now feel at home. Let me explain; the two previous hotels had toilet seats but this reminds me of home because such a luxury item is not there. You will recall that after Linda’s last trip to Cameroon in 2008 she had our toilet seats removed. Ebolowa has current problems which mean that sometimes the A/C is cold and at other times it is lukewarm. Same for fridge. I do have some Coke Zeros in my fridge and I am working to get them cold. Today I decided to eat 3 meals which is a rarity for me. Generally in the States and Cameroon I eat 2 meals. I had Oreos and Slim Jims for breakfast. Slim Jims are a descriptive phrase of me! I then had a Toblerone candy bar for lunch. Now, before you poo-poo that (hey, poo-poo did not set off my spell checker) let me share with you what I received from that one candy bar. 11% -Vetten/Matieres grasses; 23% -waarvan verzadigde vetzuren/don’t acides gras satutes; 6% -Koolhydraten/ Glucides; 17% – waarvan suikers/ don’t sucres; 3% – Eiwitten/ Preteines; 1% – Aout/ Sel. Now, don’t break your legs hurrying to the store. I then had chicken, rice and fries for supper so although it was not as healthy as lunch it was fine.

Miscellaneous Items:

1. Jean Claude and I were talking on the way of the problems of serving God in the West Province. He said that the Catholic church tolerates the idol worship and some of the priests even participate. A parent will threaten a child who has entered the Kingdom of God to renounce the church or their school fees will not be paid.

2. He said that many leave the church because of finance. If you remain in the church the probability is that monetary success will never follow you.

3. He said that if a husband dies, the woman is in big trouble. Many times she is forced to pay back the bride price which generally is impossible. A life of poverty will in all likelihood follow her to the grave. When her husband dies many tribes require that she shave her head and sleep on the floor for 3 months. Being a woman in Africa can be a real challenge.

I will try to Skype Linda although she told me last night that she will be all over the place. I am looking forward to our time with the brethren tomorrow. Please pray for a fruitful day. No pictures today.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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