Thursday, October 22, 2015 9:00pm-3:00pm CST

Dear All:

Unusual day so I will begin at the end. I just got back from the hospital as Jean Claude needed to see a doctor. This morning, without his telling me, he fell in his room and aggravated an area around the right side of his body between the waist and chest. He has had 3 operations and will have a fourth within the next 6 months in this area. This morning he told me he was fine but on the way home he said he was in pain and needed to go to a Pharmacy. Over here, you do not need a prescription and you go to the Pharmacist, tell them your problem and they diagnose the best they can. Well, he bought some medicine and we ate supper. After I had come to my room he knocked my door and told me he needed to go to the hospital for a potential X-ray or test of some kind. We climbed machines and headed to the hospital which was only about 5 minutes away. The first thing you do is pay so you can see a doctor which he did. Later they asked for more money and ultimately determined that with some other medicine the doctor prescribed, should be OK. Please pray that that is the case. We then climbed on the same machine to ride back. I think I heard the back tire groan!

Now I will start at the beginning: another good night’s rest and the room is so cold that I had to turn the A/C off this morning. That is something I do begrudgingly but since we have a generator I feel more at ease in doing so. I actually went downstairs and had breakfast. A sausage omelet which was very good. It is hard, however, to mess up eggs. My darling wife is a big egg eater and pretty much likes them no matter how they are prepared. We left @ 10 and arrived in Nkongsamba at 11. While I definitely prefer machines it is also fun to watch the taxi drivers. If you had been with me today and it was your first time to ride in a Cameroonian taxi; you would have had at least 15 heart issues on the way. It is true that we came within inches on multiple occasions of hitting pedestrians, cars, trucks and/or machines but never touched a one. After you have been over here for a while and have witnessed the track record of these drivers, you simply sit back and smile. We studied with all 6 prospects today but none gave their lives to the Lord. I spoke with Jean Claude later and we feel good about two of them and extra good about a third. Please continue to keep all that we study with in your prayers. As farmers we always want a bountiful harvest but have peace knowing that we have planted the seed. There was an old woman near the church hall that had a terrible leg problem and they asked if we would pray for her. Of course, it was a pleasure. This is a very small church (about 10 on average) and most are not able to travel the distance to the church hall so we did not have a worship service. Just before I was to leave one of the members told me that the church is 6 months behind on their rent and the landlord has given them an ultimatum to pay up or vacate. This house (not an actually church hall) is where the preacher lives with his family. If they had to vacate it would cause serious problems for both the church and preacher. The rent is only $33 per month but their average monthly giving is only $17. I gave them 8 months’ rent and pray that they will grow which will lead their giving to grow. Generally brethren from the States give me extra money on my trips and I am able to do a few small things such as this. To them, however, it was no small thing. When we returned our supper was ready and we had good food and pleasant fellowship. It is always a blessing to be with Jean Claude. I then went to my room and you know what happened next. In 30 minutes or so I will Skype Grandma and Charlie Brown. His actual name is Jose Luis but he looks like a Charlie Brown.

Miscellaneous items:

1. One of the members where I worked today was our cook on the very first campaign in 1996. He has aged a bit but so have we all. There is an exception to every rule, however, and my lovely wife is the exception. She still looks to be about 31 with ravishing looks!

2. On the way there was a bus in front of us and it had a saying in French and all that I could make out was de Dieu which means of God. I asked Jean Claude what the saying was and it is this: the pencil of God has no eraser which is saying that when God says something, it is in stone. I knew that but it was a very nice way of putting it.

3. We went to one house for a study and I would love to have videoed the stones we walked on, the steps we had to climb and the ledges that we were on. Of course, if I would have tried to make such a video I would have made it to the hospital before Jean Claude; either that or the mortuary!

4. The picture on the left is of the preacher whose name is Bernard, Rene and Bernard’s wife Elizabeth. The kids on the right belong to Bernard and Elizabeth. I got my I Phone out and showed them some of my pictures and they were mesmerized. Teresa; you will have to inquire of Ricardo as to the meaning of mesmerized.

5. We are working in the West Province today and tomorrow and it is quite possibly the most difficult area of Cameroon. Jean Claude says that roughly 60% are idol worshippers and they will not give you an opportunity to share the gospel. It will take a long time to slowly sow the gospel in the hearts of these people.

I will work in Bagante tomorrow. Our plan is to worship with the church at 10:30 and then teach prospects. Please pray that we have a good day.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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