Tuesday, October 20, 2015 7:55pm-1:55pm CST

Dear All:

There is a big difference between the city and a village. When we arrived at Kombe this morning the church was assembled for worship. We did some singing, praying and I spoke. We were able to share the gospel with 5 souls today and one of them surrendered their life to the Lord. It was extra nice because her husband is a brother and they have a 2 year old and another on the way. Her name is Mirabel and she is pictured below with her husband. We pray that this will be a great Christian family that will contribute mightily to the Kingdom. We also had a sister that we studied with who had fallen away and she was restored. Of the 4 that did not accept the Lord I am positive about 2. Of course, human judgement can be wrong and I pray that I am. You can see the hall they worship in below. This was taken just before we left to come back to Douala.

My broken record (if you are young you can ask your grandparents what a record was) continues as I slept like a baby; a peaceful baby. We have been so blessed physically thus far. I am aware that the physical is not that important but I am thankful nevertheless. Our hotel has a back-up generator and to my knowledge tonight was the first time it was needed and it came through like a champ. We have been totally safe and the food has been great. Best of all, we have been blessed with the fellowship of brothers and sisters. The hotel offers a free breakfast and typically I do not eat breakfast. However, I had enough time this morning so I had a piece of bread, butter, a chocolate bar (not from the hotel) and some OJ. As you can see, I am very health conscious. Louise Clement marvels at my eating habits as she, too, is health conscious. Martin picked me at 8:45 and we had a blast on the way to meet Jean Claude. The traffic was unusually heavy but that was of little consequence. We took a taxi from an area about 3 miles from the hotel. It took a while to get through all of the traffic in Bonaberi but we made it. It rained on the way but most of the rain was light. There was a very short period of time when the rain was fairly heavy.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

1. There are times when people praise my sacrifice in coming to Cameroon and most of the time, I deflect the praise. I must admit, however, that I have been suffering for the past few days. You see, the lifter (elevator) is not working so I have to walk two whole sets of stairs. Fortunately I am not as old as Teresa Blaisdell or I would be at the foot of the stairs in a heap!

2. One of the things I like about Martin is that he is brave and daring. If he has any fear, he disguises it very well. That means that we get places faster than others.

3. Kombe is in the French area but the church is virtually 100% English as they are transplants from other areas. This is a small congregation of about 25 so it may take time before they can reach out to the French as their preacher is an Anglophone. Anglophones are those who speak English and Francophones speak French.

4. I was able to meet Jim Corner today. He is a baby of a young girl named Marianette that I taught and baptized last year. She is faithful and I was honored that they named their child after me. I held him for a short time and then he decided he did not like the white man and started crying.

5. Our taxi driver should drive a machine. On the way back there was a long single file line of traffic so he simply went on the left side against the traffic. A couple of times a large truck was headed our way and he had the good sense to move over. No use for a 90 pounder playing chicken with a 300 pounder.

After we got back Martin took me to a restaurant so I could get a hamburger and pizza. Jean Claude was supposed to be near his phone so he could give my order to the girl as none of them speak English. He was absent so I called another brother and as I was speaking a man called out and said he could help me. We visited and I gave him one of my WBS cards. He said he will email me so hopefully we can get a study going. I have been packing and watching a movie at the same time. In about 90 minutes I plan to Skype Grandma and Charlie Brown. The trip tomorrow should be 4 hours maximum and we will then work in Bagante and Nkongsamba.

Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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