Monday, October 19, 2015 9:15pm-3:15pm CST

Dear All:

Today was a good day. First of all, I discovered that one of the prospects was taught by Jean Claude yesterday and baptized! We had 5 prospects but none of them came. Let me explain and I will then get back to the good day. In large cities like Douala (internet says population is about 1.8 million with the metropolitan area being about 3.6 million), it is difficult to have prospects during the day as they are occupied with work and cannot come for a study. One of the goals of these campaigns is to encourage evangelism by the local church. We will tell them up front that our task is not to do all of their evangelism. Now; the day was still blessed because a new convert came who wanted to discuss the Scriptures. His name is Xavier and he was a sponge. It was a joy to share the Word with him and listen to his comments and questions. The “reach” of the campaigns go far beyond non-Christians. While I would be pleased with 10 baptisms, I feel as though the day was a blessing for the Kingdom.

Here is how the day unfolded: slept till 8 and had a good night’s rest. My wife never tires of hearing I love you and hopefully my repetitive statements do not bore you. I had to go downstairs and do a few things so only had 5 minutes to check email. When I look back on my first trip to Ghana in 1988 and then examine today; it is a difference as great as night and day. Martin picked me (more about him below) and took me to Jean Claude’s hall. Xavier soon came and we spent hours with him. Not only Xavier but his preacher whose name is Yacuba (sure that is not the correct spelling). He used to preach in Lagdo in the North and I have worked with him in the past. Also, some of you know that we fund 10 brethren from the North in the seminar each February and he has been one of the students. Not only did Xavier have questions but Yacuba had many as well. Martin picked me back to the hotel where I changed. After we ate he carried me to a grocery store to buy a few things. The down time has allowed me to get a lot of work done and stay up to speed with my work back home.

There are a number of things (actually tons) that I love but here are three. 1. I love Martin – he is such a marvelous, wonderful and fantastic driver. It is a joy to be on his machine. 2. I love sidewalks. They come in handy when traffic is heavy as we can just climb a sidewalk and honk at the pedestrians who have the gall to be in our way! 3. I love being able to ride against the traffic on the wrong side of the road. It is so enjoyable to watch the poor slobs on the correct side of the median just standing still. Yesterday Bapp emailed me and said she was enjoying the HOWDYs more than in the past and part of that was she could envision what I was writing about. She loved riding machines and the maneuvering that takes place on a jaunt can only be experienced but never described. Below is a picture of Jean Claude and Martin. You will notice the umbrella that covers his machine. Today when we were leaving it began to rain but we were basically dry. Oh, I took Jean Claude and Martin to our favorite restaurant and it was the first time Martin had ever been. He ordered a salad and didn’t know what to put on it. There was salad dressing but he also asked about Ketchup. I would have said yes but Jean Claude said that Ketchup is for food as opposed to salad?! Louis would not eat salad because he said I am not a goat. His lovely wife Linda did not agree and said he was an old goat! Martin wears a shirt with a sweater over it and then a coat on top of that. He wears gloves and a toboggan plus his helmet. Never sweats; not even in February when it is hot and he still dresses this way. When I came out in a tee-shirt and shorts he inquired as to whether I was cold or not. It was at least 80 so, of course, I was not cold.

I mentioned last week that I met with Mary about the women’s seminars. Here are some things that I did not share with you (at least I don’t think I did): 1. I asked her about what they teach regarding discipling the children. She told me that they instruct the sisters to not use the cane. In the past, if a child misbehaved or missed a question they would get whacked with a cane. She said that some of the children would stay away from Bible class for that reason which is understandable. As a child my mother used a belt (she had a PHD in the belt) and for that reason I was a veritably perfect child. The same cannot be said for my younger brother who was constantly getting whipped. Oh well, back to the seminars. 2. The seminars are having a positive impact on the children and even the adults as they are pleased with what is taking place. 3. Mary told of a church that has no place for the children to meet so they meet under the sun. That is not too bad unless they are under the rain. I asked her to find out the cost to get a tarpaulin or some kind of covering and we will try and alleviate that problem. 4. I am looking forward to meeting all of the French sisters on the 1st.

Linda is busy with grandkids today so she advised that I not Skype her. I will miss seeing her beautiful face! Tomorrow we work in the village of Kombe. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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