Saturday, October 17, 2015 7:00pm-1:00pm CST

Dear Brethren:

No pictures today. In I Timothy 2:4 Paul will state that the Lord wants everyone to be saved. I fully understand that fruit is not determined by baptisms alone. Anytime we share the gospel with another individual the Lord is pleased with our effort. That does not, however, lessen our desire that the one we teach surrender their life to the Lord. I may meander a bit but hopefully you can stay with me. I mentioned in an earlier blog (I think) that last month I went to a seminar regarding the work in the French world. The brethren there were candid enough to admit that the French world is tough. That is true whether you are talking about France, Belgium, French Africa or any other part of the world where French is spoken. One of the big reasons is the Catholic influence in those countries. Only the Lord knows how many nominal Catholics there are but they will never come out of that faith. Another problem in parts of French Cameroon relates to the idolatry that many are steeped in. We will experience a little of that later next week. I was discouraged today because I only had one study. A man had committed to study with us this morning but he never showed up and when Gerald called him there was no answer. Don’t know if this was the reason or not but they do have caller ID here. The girl I studied with is named Adelle and she was a very pleasant young lady. My perception is that she really loves the Lord but that she has been taught a bunch of garbage and it is hard to let go. She is of the Charismatic persuasion and if you have ever studied with them, you know that their beliefs are rooted in emotion and that is something you cannot hurdle. You simply try and plant the seed and see if it will germinate. Please keep her in prayer.

Let me go back to the beginning of the day. Got up at 8 after another good night’s rest. I do not know why but this seems like Sunday to me. Martin came to pick me and it was raining. Fortunately he has a large umbrella over his machine so we were fine. I continue to try and figure out the “rules of the road” for machines and I think the rule is; look for an opening. Once there is a crack, even an incredibly small one, you shoot through it. Martin is truly wonderful and finding small openings. On the way we were crossing the bridge that separates Douala from Bonaberi and on a machine in front of us was a man on the back of a machine carrying a large TV. This was one of the old time tube jobs and Martin turned to me and said: it isn’t easy. In the realm of machines I was talking to Gerald today and he said that while riding a machine: I can pray 100 times in 10 minutes. The road from the main road to the church hall has 47,294,931 potholes. Today Martin only hit 273,088 which is amazing. As I have said before: riding a machine in Cameroon puts the most exciting ride at 6 Flags to shame. I am going to start looking over my lessons for tomorrow. I am worshiping at Dakar and am supposed to teach one prospect after worship. Please pray for an open heart. One of the serendipitous blessings of these campaigns is the interaction with the local brethren. Today was not a waste by any stretch of the imagination as Jean Claude, Gerald and I discussed effective methods of reaching the lost. We do not sit idly by and look at each other. I try to make the time I am here positive whether I am teaching the lost or sharing with the saved.

I continue to give thanks to each of you who are lifting this effort in prayer.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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